Privacy for PDF-AKTUELL

On May 26th the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU became effective. Since many visitors of PDF-AKTUELL and also a lot of the readers of the newsletter live in the EU, PDF-AKTUELL is also concerned by this new regulation.

That’s why I have created a Privacy Statement (german original) and also enhanced the Impressum (german original). All forms now contain a mandatory checkbox to accept storage of the data.

Since the start of this website we are using a double optin for the newsletter subscription. That means that after registration the subscribers gets an e-mail with a conformation link. This prevents that e-mail addresses are subscribed without explicit consent.

Since each subscriber has alread sent his consent I renounce to sending a conformation mail again to all subscribers. Most of you are probably receiving (too) many (mostly unnecessary) mails in this regard these days…

Subscribers of the newsletter can unsubscribe anytime. At the bottom of each newsletter there is also a link to the unsubscription form.

QuarkXPress 2018 with
integrated Callas pdfToolbox

Recently released QuarkXPress 2018 makes use of the Callas pdfToolbox internally.

Users of QuarkXPress 2018 can also use the pdfToolbox technology to create a single PDF file which complies with both PDF/X-4 and PDF/A-2. PDF/A is the ISO standard for long-term archiving, while PDF/X-4 is the ISO standard for exchanging printable PDF files. Users of QuarkXPress 2018 can also ‘tag’ the PDF files they create, providing internal information on the structure of the file’s content and the correct reading order. This latter feature is a prerequisite for accessible PDF files, meaning that users now only need to create and retain a single PDF file to fulfill printing, accessibility and long-term archiving requirements. This considerably simplifies PDF-based workflows!

A quantum leap in Preflight!

The latest updates of the most important preflight tools (Enfocus PitStop and Callas pdfToolbox) feature new technologies which allow to substantially leverage the quality of preflight checks. We had to wait long time for such possibilities!

Until now preflight tools could only check for properties of single isolated PDF objects. The classical example is black text which is not overprinting. A corresponding check has also issued an error message if the black text was not placed on top of a color background but over the paper white. In this case it’s irrelevant if the text is overprinting or not! This created a lot of unjustified error message (false positives) which was irritating for the user. This has often led to ignore serious error messages. This is a big problem with the preflight profiles of the Ghent Workgroup and PDFX-ready since they feature many overprint checks.

In the past preflight also checked invisible objects which were masked or covered by other objects.

A restriction of the objects to check was only possible with the page geometry boxes (e.g. BleedBox, TrimBox). A restriction of the preflight to an arbitrary contour (e.g. cutline) was not possible.

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Callas pdfToolbox 10
with new technology

Callas Software has released pdfToolbox 10. The new version takes a significant new step in preflight technology by making it possible to detect more problems, while making detection more accurate. It also makes pdfToolbox ready for cloud deployment and introduces additional capabilities for process plans (for step-by-step conditional processing of PDF files), preflight reports and more.

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with new technology

Script «Fix PitStop Menus»

Enfocus has added a new top-level menu with the long title PitStop Pro Dashboard in the recently released Enfocus PitStop Pro 2018. Most of the users will use this feature not often or never at all. Together with the menus PitStop Pro and Certified PDF Enfocus now uses almost half of the entire menu bar. Especially on smaller monitors (e.g. laptops) this is very cumbersome. (This also contradicts the recommendation of Adobe that third party plug-ins shall use the «Plug-Ins» menu.)

That’s why I have developed the JavaScript Fix PitStop Menus which removes the menus «PitStop Pro Dashboard» and «Certified PDF» from the main menu bar and moves them to the «PitStop Pro» menu.

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Enfocus PitStop 2018 released

Enfocus has released Enfocus PitStop 2018. These are some of the new features:

  • Generate Barcode Action with 100+ barcode types
  • Hard Crop Line Art
  • Action List Visualizer
  • Vector editing tools
  • Pantone color actions
  • Report on color type of pages
  • Check minimum dot action
  • New XML report (PitStop Server)
  • Improved Switch configurator (PitStop Server) *

More details can be found here and in a presentation of PitStop product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins:

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Harlequin 12: First RIP with PDF 2.0

In the new version of their Harlequin 12 RIP Global Graphics supports PDF 2.0. It is the first major PDF RIP for production printing to offer compatibility with the PDF 2.0 standard, which was published in 2017 by the International Standards Organization (ISO 32000-2) and is billed as the first “post-Adobe” standard.

Harlequin Host Renderer 12 supports all of the features of the new PDF 2.0 standard that are relevant for production printing. If your Digital Front End is not compliant with this new standard it will silently ignore the new features available with unexpected results in output. Upgrading your DFE and continuing to consume PDF 1.7 files is safe; not upgrading, and trying to consume PDF 2.0 files may not be. Martin Bailey, the CTO of Global Graphics Software, has authored a White Paper The impact of PDF 2.0 on print production which is available for download.

Technology Partnership:
GMG and Global Graphics

GMG and Global Graphics Software announce a technology partnership that will overcome the color management and quality issues often found in digital packaging and label production.

The partnership will make GMG’s award-winning technology OpenColor available within Fundamentals, Global Graphics Software’s toolkit for building a digital front-end for inkjet presses. Fundamentals is a software and engineering services package that helps inkjet press manufacturers get to market quicker.

Reduced ticket fee for
PDF Days Europe 2018

As reported earlier, the conference PDF Days Europe will take place this year on May 14th and 15th again in Berlin.

As the first presenter of the conference, I have the honor to introduce the keynote of PDF developer Richard Cohn from Adobe. I will report my personal experience with PDF in the past 27 years.

Readers of PDF-AKTUELL can get the reduced tickets for EUR 299,00 instead of EUR 377,31 (net) by entering the promotion code PDE18-Jubilee-Prepress on the bottom of the order page. Attention: Enter the number of tickets only after entering the promotion code!

Enfocus Switch 2018 released

The update of the workflow software Enfocus Switch 2018 mainly features enhancement in the area of job administration:

  • Job Finder: quickly find job status
  • Configurable Boards: flexible view of jobs
  • Webhooks: connectivity with external services (e.g. MIS)
  • One-click actions: release all connections, access to job variables and metadata
  • Private Data: now also accessible without Scripting module

In May additional new features (new reporting module, additional one-click actions) shall be available.

An overview of the new features is also available in a YouTube video (4’08”).