Agenda of PDF Days Europe 2018

PDF Association has published the agenda of PDF Days Europe 2018. The conference will take place again in Berlin on May 14th and 15th. On May 16th there will also be some additional Post Conference Workshops. The majority of the sessions will be in english.

For the first time there will be three tracks in parallel:

  • PDF for users
  • PDF for developers
  • PDF for marketers

Of course PDF 2.0 will be an important topic at this years conference. In addition two anniversaries will be celebrated:

  • 25 years PDF Format
  • 10 years ISO Standard (PDF/A)

As the first presenter of the conference I have the honor to introduce the keynote of PDF developer Richard Cohn from Adobe. I will report my personal experience with PDF in the past 27 years since I was present at the first public presentation of the PDF concept by Adobe founder John Warnock at the Seybold conference in San Jose in 1991.

Free Webinar on Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0

On January, 11th I have conducted a webinar for the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) on the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 for which I am the project leader in my role as co-chair of the Process Control subcommittee of the Ghent Workgroup.

The webinar recording is available and you can also view or download the presentation.

10 most popular posts on PDF-AKTUELL in 2017

In 2017 70 posts in english and 75 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Is JPEG2000 compression suitable for PDF files for prepress? (28.06.17)
  2. eciCMYK (FOGRA53) as new CMYK exchange color space (05.09.17)
  3. PDF 2.0 (ISO standard 32000-2) is (finally) published! (07.08.17)
  4. Quality loss after color conversion in Acrobat (17.10.17)
  5. Enfocus PitStop 2017 with new technology (21.04.17) 
  6. Acrobat DC April 2017 Update with confusing version jump (11.04.17)
  7. Acrobat DC 2018 with PDF 2.0 (20.11.17)
  8. 25 years PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi (15.01.17)
  9. Four color conversion technologies for PDF (18.10.17)
  10. Problem with Enfocus PitStop Inspector in Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 (16.06.17)

New survey: Which standalone PDF applications are you using frequently for your prepress files?

A year ago I have asked which Acrobat plugins are used on a regular basis. The focus in the most recent survey is on standalone applications:

Which standalone PDF applications are you using frequently for your prepress files?

It’s possible to add additional applications (not plug-ins!) in the field “Others”.

The survey can only be taken once. After entering your answers you will see the current results.

The survey can also be answered in the right sidebar. –––>

Acrobat is the most popular Preflight tool

In my last survey I have asked which Preflight tool(s) is used most frequently. These were the five most mentioned products (count on 28.12.17):

  1. Acrobat Preflight (30.61 %)
  2. Enfocus PitStop Pro (15.51 %)
  3. OneVision (15.10 %)
  4. Callas pdfToolbox Desktop (12.63 %)
  5. Callas pdfToolbox Server/CLI/SDK (8.16 %)

Other products were mentioned less than 5%.

PDF Accessibility Checker Version 3.0 (PAC 3)

PAC, the PDF Accessibility Checker, is a free tool provided by the swiss not for profit Organisation «Acces for All» which allows accessibility checking of PDF documents according the PDF/UA standard.

PAC 3, the new version of the checker, can be downloaded here.

Unfortunaltey there is still no Mac version available.

Error in Adobe PDF Print Engine
caused by bad font data

Datalogics, distributor of Adobe software libraries for developers, has publisher a knowledge base article on a new error in version 3.0 of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) called NON-FATAL PDF Exception: Cannot extract the embedded font. This error message generated by the Adobe Common Renderer is caused by bad font data. The article describes settings which can prevent this error message (but adds the risk of wrong display of fonts).


Three articels on PDF 2.0 in SD Times

SD (Software Development) Times has published three articles on PDF 2.0 in the December issue:

For the articles they have interviewed some members of the PDF Association, who were involved in the development of the PDF 2.0 specification (ISO 32000-2). There is also an overview of the current status of the PDF 2.0 implementations in the most important PDF developer tools.

Acrobat 2018 Update
with bug fixes for print production

Adobe has released an unplaned update for Acrobat 2018 to version

Beside other bug fixes it also features fixes for two bugs in print production

  • Acrobat crashes while viewing PDF’s with Output Preview\Overprint Print enabled.
  • Acrobat crashes\hangs on converting the spot colors to CMYK.

Personally I am using both features on a regular basis but I did not had any problems with them recently. Conversion of spot colors to CMYK is even a topic in my PDF Color Management seminar. I also did not receive any complaints from my seminar attendees nor the readers of PDF-AKTUELL.

This update also fixes a problem with Enfocus PitStop Pro.

(BTW: the users with a perpetual license didn’t got an update…)

Enfocus Connect 2017 available

Enfocus has released an upgrade to the Connect product family with support for Switch 2017 and Pitstop 2017. Connect helps creative and print professionals create print ready PDF files and delivers them, with job ticket specifications, in an easy to use way from most applications to internal or remote locations.

I have used Enfocus Connect to create the Connectors for the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers
support Processing Steps

The latest versions of the Axaio plug-ins for InDesign MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers allow the definition and the PDF export of layers with Processing Steps metadata:

PDF Processing Steps were defined by the Ghent Workgroup and will soon be releases as ISO-Standard 15993. PDF Processing Steps allow standardized identification of non-printing objects in packaging files (e.g. dieline, braille, varnish, folding) and help automating production.

Acrobat DC 2018 with PDF 2.0

After the version jump from 2015 to 2015 in April, Acrobat now was updated to version 2018 after only half a year. But only for the subscription variant (Continuous track). The subscription variant (Classic track) stays with version 2017:

(The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….)

Many users have got an automatic update since the corresponding option in the preferences was recently activated by default.

Despite the divergent version numbers all of the new features of this update are available in both variants!

The new Acrobat versions support PDF 2.0. Documents using PDF 2.0 are now opened without a warning. They can also be saved as PDF 2.0. However PDF 2.0 is not supported in Acrobat Preflight (yet). Since Callas has already integrated PDF 2.0 checks and fixups in pdfToolbox 9.4 this feature will certainly soon be available  in an upcoming Acrobat update.

Unfortunately Adobe is quiet about which of the new features of PDF 2.0 are supported in the new Acrobat versions!!!

Weiterlesen / ContinueAcrobat DC 2018 with PDF 2.0

PDiff 2.0: PDF text comparison with new features

The new version 2.0 of the text based PDF comparison tool PDiff  from  CSci brings new features and more comfort for the user.

PDiff 2.0 features an additional format for PDF reports with a side by side view of the two documents with highlighted changes. The report also contains PDF comments:

PDF Accessibility enhancements in InDesign 2018

The InDesign update to version 13.0 (2018) released in October 2017 features some enhancements in the export of accessible PDFs:

  • Alternate text for graphics and InDesign objects
  • Group level tagging
  • Support for footnote
  • Anchored text frames and anchored groups tagging
  • Master pages tagging
  • Index tagging
  • List tag language
  • List tagging
  • Caption tagging
  • TOC tagging structure

Ghent Workgroup Webinars

In the upcoming weeks the Ghent (PDF) Workgroup (GWG) is organizing a series of free webinas. These webinars are hold by well known PDF experts from Europe and the US. Recordings of past webinars are also available.

I will conduct a webinar about the Ghent PDF Output Suite on January 11th, 2018.