Quality loss after color conversion
in Acrobat

In preparation of my new seminar PDF Color Management I have tested the image compression before and after color conversion in the most popular PDF tools.

In highend PDFs destinated for quality printing the images are usually compressed using JPEG maximum quality. Before color conversion the images must be decompressed and afterwards compressed again. Acrobat always uses JPEG medium quality for this recompression. The consequence is that there is an (unexpected) loss of quality of the color converted images (see table).

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End of support for Acrobat/Reader XI

On October 15, 2017 Adobe discontinued the support of Adobe Acrobat XI und Adobe Reader XI. Adobe only supports during five years. That means that Adobe no longer provides technical support, including product and/or security updates, for this version of the application.

However the software can still be used!

According to my survey last year Acrobat XI is the most used Acrobat version by my readers. This is also confirmed by the feedback of the attendees of my seminars.

Acrobat August 2017 Update released

Adobe has releaded planned Updates for Acrobat DC and Acrobat 2017. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

Some of the new features are only available in the subscription version. IMHO there are not interesting new features for users in print production in this update.

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Problem with Enfocus PitStop Inspector
in Adobe Acrobat DC 2017

There is a problem with PitStop Inspector in Acrobat DC 2017. After starting Acrobat it is impossible to select an object with the PitStop Inspector tool.

This is also true for older versions of Enfocus PitStop. The reason for the problem seam to be a change in Acrobat DC 2017. Enfocus is working with Adobe to find a solution.

The recommended workaround is to open the window Adobe Acrobat DC > About Third-Party Plug-Ins > About Enfocus PitStop Pro… and close it. Afterwards objects can be selected as usual … until the next start of Acrobat DC 2017. Then you have to open the About Enfocus window again!

PDFX-ready Preflight profiles
V1.5 / V2.5 released

PDFX-ready has update their preflight profiles for Acrobat Pro. The latest versions feature the following changes:

  • V2.5 (for PDF/X-4):
    • Removed check for single-color hairlines (< 0.125 pt) since these lines are no longer problematic in modern CTP and Digital workflows.
    • Check of multi-color objects (text < 8 pt; lines < 0.25 pt) also for Digital Printing.
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Compatibility with PDF/X-4 created by QuarkXPress 2016/2017.
  • V1.5 (for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3):
    • New checks for recognition of black texts and vektors which most probably were re-separated (was alredy in V2.4).
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Removal of check “Annotation of this type not allowed (GWG)” (alignment with V2.x).

Acrobat DC April 2017 Update
with confusing version jump

Adobe has released a new update for Acrobat DC. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

It’s strange that the subscription variant now has a 17.x version number while the perpetual variant still has a 15.x version number. For sure this will increase the confusion about the different variants of Acrobat even more!

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Acrobat DC January 2017 Update
with long-awaited improvement

Adobe has released a planned update for Acrobat DC. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

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New survey: Which Acrobat Plug-ins
are you using on a regular basis?

In the latest survey I am asking for the Acrobat Plug-ins which you are using on a regular basis. It’s possible to add additinal Plug-ins to the list.

The survey can only be answered once. After entering your answers you will see the current results.

Acrobat DC October 2016 Update
with new Compare feature

Adobe has released an update for Acrobat DC. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

In this update the users with a perpetual license do not receive anything new (except the deprecated QuickTime support on Windows). All new features are only available for subscribers (Continuous).

The most important change is the completely revamped Compare feature.

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More Storage Options
in Acrobat Reader Mobile

After the introduction of connections to Box and Microsoft OneDrive in the May update for Acrobat DC on the Desktop, Acrobat Reader Mobile for iOS now follows. Beside Box and Microsoft OneDrive Acrobat Reader Mobile on iPhone and iPad can now also open and save PDF documents on iCloud Drive and Google Drive. This is done using the iOS Document Picker:

In addition there is still the connection to DropBox which is integrated directly in Acrobat Reader Mobile.

Acrobat DC July 2016 Updates
without Mobile Link

In the course of the planned updates Adobe has released new versions for Acrobat DC on July 12:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

Again there are differences between the subscription and perpetual variants. Those are listed in the new features overview.

The improved commenting features are now also available in the Classic track. In the May update they were only available for subscribers. Maybe some (big) customers with perpetual licenses have complained about this?

The feature Mobile Link is no longer available. This feature was added with a lot of noise in Acrobat 11.0.09. It was ment to automatically synchronize documents between the desktop and the mobile version of Acrobat. Probably a lot of users were suspicious about this and turned the feature off (like me).

Patch for problems in
May update of Acrobat DC

In the May update of Acrobat DC I have detected a new behaviour of the display of the Total Ink Coverage in the Output Preview. The areas with too much ink are not displayed immediately anymore after enabling the feature or changing the treshold value (like in all versions since Acrobat 7). Only after clicking into the Acrobat window the problematic areas are displayed in the warning color.

A reader has detected an other problem in the latest update of Acrobat DC. The option Simulate Paper Color in the Output Preview does not work anymore as it used to be. Only pixel in the color paper white are included in the simulation. The (empty) paper background does not change (as in earlier versions) when paper simulation is activated!

In addition I have found reports of a problem with PitStop in conjunction with Output Preview and a YouTube video which shows a strange behaviour when zooming in separations. There are also a many users complaining about printing problems.

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Only a quarter of the users for Acrobat DC

In my first survey I asked which Acrobat version(s) are used mostly. Since I already got this impression talking to my customers and seminar attendees, I am not surprise to see that three quarters of the users still use older versions of Acrobat:


I guess that more users (especially the subscribers of Creative Cloud which includes Acrobat DC) have downloaded the new version but they prefer to use an older version…