10 most popular posts on PDF-AKTUELL in 2017

In 2017 70 posts in english and 75 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Is JPEG2000 compression suitable for PDF files for prepress? (28.06.17)
  2. eciCMYK (FOGRA53) as new CMYK exchange color space (05.09.17)
  3. PDF 2.0 (ISO standard 32000-2) is (finally) published! (07.08.17)
  4. Quality loss after color conversion in Acrobat (17.10.17)
  5. Enfocus PitStop 2017 with new technology (21.04.17) 
  6. Acrobat DC April 2017 Update with confusing version jump (11.04.17)
  7. Acrobat DC 2018 with PDF 2.0 (20.11.17)
  8. 25 years PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi (15.01.17)
  9. Four color conversion technologies for PDF (18.10.17)
  10. Problem with Enfocus PitStop Inspector in Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 (16.06.17)

Error in Adobe PDF Print Engine
caused by bad font data

Datalogics, distributor of Adobe software libraries for developers, has publisher a knowledge base article on a new error in version 3.0 of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) called NON-FATAL PDF Exception: Cannot extract the embedded font. This error message generated by the Adobe Common Renderer is caused by bad font data. The article describes settings which can prevent this error message (but adds the risk of wrong display of fonts).


Three articels on PDF 2.0 in SD Times

SD (Software Development) Times has published three articles on PDF 2.0 in the December issue:

For the articles they have interviewed some members of the PDF Association, who were involved in the development of the PDF 2.0 specification (ISO 32000-2). There is also an overview of the current status of the PDF 2.0 implementations in the most important PDF developer tools.

25 years PrePress-Consulting
Stephan Jaeggi

PrePress-ConsultingOn January 15th, 1992 the foundation of my company PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi was published in the Commercial Register of canton Basel-Landschaft. Despite the fact that preparation work started earlier this marks the offical beginning of my company.

At the beginning my goals was to cover the entire prepress area. I have supported my customers in the evalution and introduction of new hard- and software (from editorial systems to imagesetters). I also did process optimisation and database publishing projects. But soon this became too much to cover and in 1996 I decided to concentrate my activities to the upcoming PDF technology. At the same time I started with my first PDF seminars.

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Stephan Jaeggi

Information event on PDFX-ready Online Tools

On October 25th PDFX-ready hosted an information event at the Berufsschule für Gestaltung Zürich. More than one hundred users have attended the first public presentation of the final version of the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

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Issue 100 of PDF-AKTUELL

Today issue 100 of the newsletter PDF-AKTUELL is published. The first issue was released on 9.2.1999 in german: 


In the archive most of the published newsletters are still available. Unfortunately some issues were “lost”.  Of course most of the links in the old newsletters are invalid by now. But I often use the archive to check when a particular version of a software was released and which new features were introduced.

The first newsletters were created with Adobe PageMill, the first WYSIWYG editor for HTML. The design is relatively ugly (however some people have called it “cult”).

Starting with PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 81 I have switched to WordPress (with the Newsletter plugin). After a few problems at the beginning it’s now running smoothly.

Since PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 83 the newsletter is also published in English. And thanks to  Google Translate also in 120 additional languages. 😉

The goal remains to send a summary of all news releated to PDF in Print Production via e-mail to all subscribers. The subscription of the newsletter is free of charge.

PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 100 features a summary of Drupa 2016. In addition to the blog post I have collected the most important PDF Trends at Drupa in a presentation at the PDF Days Europe.

New ECI profiles for sheetfed offset printing

On September 30th a kick-off event took place in Stuttgart were BVDM, ECI and FOGRA presented their new tools supporting the new ISO 12647-2:2013 printing standard.

The new ISO-Standard supports the latest developments and standards in measuring technology and lightening. For papers containing optical brigheners a better process control can be achieved. Color measurements and visual impression of proof and printing are better in line.

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Preflight is 25 years old

Jaeggi2_84x88In Sommer 1990 my colleague Chuck Weger has presented the concept and the term “Preflight” for the first time. 1993 the application FlightCheck from Markzware was introduces, which could check files of layout applications (Aldus PageMaker, QuarkXPress, later Adobe InDesign).

The first preflight tool for PDF was devloped by Enfocus. Later Callas pdfInspektor, which is now part of Callas pdfToobox, was added. In 2002 the PDF/X-3 Inspector (Freeware) for Acrobat 5 was released which made creating and checking of the ISO standard PDF/X-3 possible. In April 2003 Adobe has implemented a preflight feature based on the Callas pdfInspector in Acrobat 6. Also in the latest Acrobat version the preflight feature is provided by Callas.

PDF preflight is also available as server applications: Enfocus PitStop Server and Callas pdfToolbox Server. There are also online services available.

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