Enfocus Connect 2017 available

Enfocus has released an upgrade to the Connect product family with support for Switch 2017 and Pitstop 2017. Connect helps creative and print professionals create print ready PDF files and delivers them, with job ticket specifications, in an easy to use way from most applications to internal or remote locations.

I have used Enfocus Connect to create the Connectors for the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

Barcode check in PDF files
with ChkBarcode from CSci

Software developer CSci from Hamburg has released ChkBarcode. This software allows checking of barcodes in PDF files for printing.

ChkBarcode checks quickly and securely all barcodes directly in the ready-to-print PDFs. The verification software ChkBarcode finds 1D and 2D barcodes, determines the type, reads the contents and measures the quite zone, checks the dimensions, measures the barcode elements and determines the bar width reduction (BWR). With ChkBarcode, you can create a QS report and use the results to control your workflow.

Enfocus PDF Review Module released

At last years Drupa Enfocus had showcased a new technology which allows to better integrate customers into review and approval workflows. This technology is now released as Switch PDF Review Module.

PDF Review Module consists of two parts:

  • a Switch App which uploads a PDF to a web server, and
  • the PDF Review web server, which can be installed on any internal or external host.

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Use of GWG preflight profiles
with Agfa Apogee Prepress 10

Agfa offers in Apogee Prepress 10 a choice of two different preflight processes. Apogee Preflight is a solution developed by Agfa while Preflight is based on Enfocus PitStop. For both there are now preflight profiles available which are compliant with the lastest GWG2015 specifications of the Ghent Workgroup.

In a short instruction the use of the GWG2015 profiles with both preflight processors in Apogee 10 is described.

Kodak Prinergy Workflow Version 8 announced

Kodak has announced Version 8 of their Prinergy Workflow System. Prinergy 8 now offers a single workflow for both offset and digital printing. Prinergy can be integrated with printing systems from Ricoh, Minolta, Landa and Komori. It includes the new universal Digital Job Ticket Editor

In addition the packaging features were enhanced. The latest Specifications of the Ghent Workgroup for packaging are supported.

Tucanna releases tFlow 5

Tucanna has released tFlow 5. It’ a combination of tFlow Production and tFlow Approval and comes as a SaaS solution. The workflow software is targeted for digital printing. It has a nice user interface. Under the hood it’s powered by the Callas pdfToolbox Server. tFlow benefits from the new possibilites of pdfToolbox 9 for using variables in profiles. The new features are presented in a short webinar.

Callas pdfToolbox 9
with Scripting for Variables

Annonced long before Drupa Callas pdfToolbox 9 is now available. These are the highlights of the new version:

  • Support for the CxF standard (spectal data) for defining spot colors in PDF
  • Zoom feature and Wireframe display in pdfToolbox Desktop viewer
  • Features for Large Format Printing
  • Use of Shapes for the creation of new objects
    (e.g. Varnish, Diecut line)
  • Improvements for preflight variables (incl. scripting)

A detailed list of all new features can be found in the Release Notes.

More information and examples are available in an english webinar recording (72’14”). 

I have waited long time for the scripting feature for variables. This allows extremly flexible preflight and fixing profiles. Hopefully Adobe recognizes this as well and will include this feature in an upcoming Acrobat version…!

Enfocus and ESKO support
PDF Processing Steps

The PDF Processing Steps Specification just published by the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is already supported by Enfocus and their parent company ESKO. This was expected since the author of this GWG specification is the head of software development at ESKO.

The Processing Steps are used in the following applications:

At Drupa these software tools can be seen at the joined stand 8a/A23 of ESKO and Enfocus .

Enfocus Connect 13 Update 2
with HTML jobtickets

The clever tool for transmission of PDF files from the creator to the service provider Enfocus Connect 13 Update 2 now also supports HTML jobtickets for entering customer and job information.

This updated version of Connect includes three options for creating and deploying HTML job tickets:

  • Basic job tickets – these are designed to be simple to create and easy to deploy, allowing basic customer and job data to be collected as jobs are being sent in.
  • Internal HTML forms are embedded in the remote Connectors providing a wider range of field and layout options for job tickets.
  • External HTML forms (hosted from a web server), allow the job tickets to be easily linked to back-end systems to automatically retrieve customer and job information, making the job tickets totally dynamic.

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with HTML jobtickets

Announcement of Quite Hot Imposing 4.0

Actino has announced that Quite Software will publish its new version 4.0 of Quite Hot Imposing for server based automated processing early May. The new version will support all new features of version 4.0 of the Acrobat Plug-in as well as improvemebt of the workflow features.

The upgrade provides many new features, here are some highlights for power users:

  • Stick on Text and Numbers now allows your choice of embedded fonts, colours and rotation, plus Undo.
  • New Stick On PDF Pages function to stick on PDF pages (graphics, adverts, stamps, marks etc.)
  • Insert pages or blanks at intervals, for example to add fixed backs. Can be used to merge files.
  • Manual imposition can repeat a layout to a large number of pages and can automatically position pages as fronts/backs.
  • Smart crop marks which will not overlap.
  • Adjust page sizes by a percentage rather than to a fixed size.
  • Set all pages the same size without knowing size in advance.
  • Trim & shift/creep now have the advanced option to keep bleed margins.

Integration of MadeToPrint in tFlow

Axaio and Tucanna have announced a cooperation. MadeToPrint from Axaio will be available as optional add-on for the tFlow workflow from Tucanna. This will allow to process InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop files directly in tFlow. In the background MadeToPrint takes care of exporting the documents to PDF using the correct settings and submits them to tFlow for further processing.

Enfocus launches Appstore

With the Update 1 to Switch 13 Enfocus launches the Enfocus Appstore. Channel partners, system integrators, consultants and end users can offer their extensions for Switch globally for a yearly subscription.

Initially there are only a few products in the Enfocus Appstore. They first apps come from Apago, Impressed and also Enfocus. It will be interesting to see the development…

Printect Workflow 2016 with new features

The new functions Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is adding to the 2016 version of its Prinect print and media workflow will make life easier for media service providers in the commercial and packaging printing sectors, speed up their processes, and make these more profitable. 

Improvements focus on the Prinect cockpit’s interface for more intuitive operation, enhanced process integration between management information system (MIS) and production workflow, and the possibility of complete color reports to provide end users with documented proof of quality – now also augmented by long-term reports. In addition to the well-established JDF interface, the system now also features an API (application programming interface) that enables data to be shared with systems of third-party suppliers for the first time. What’s more, Prinect is now more capable of handling even the largest data volumes – such as versioned documents with several thousand pages – extremely quickly.