Screening technology to avoid the orange peel

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics (Harlequin-RIPs), talks in his blog about tests to avoid the orange peel effekt for inkjet presses using special screening methodes.

When inkjet presses print on non-absorbent, poorly wettable media such as flexible plastics or metal, prints are characterized by a mottle effect that looks a bit like orange peel. This effect seems to be triggered by ink shrinkage during cure. This can be corrected with a halftone with specially designed characteristics.

In order to avoid these artifacts Global Graphics will soon introduce a new screen technology.

It’s interesting that the topic of screening becomes important again for the new printing technologies…

eciCMYK (FOGRA53) as new CMYK exchange color space

ECI has released the ICC color profile eciCMYK.icc. It’s based on the printing condition FOGRA53 defined by Fogra. The goal is a large gamut exchange space which covers all printing technologies (offset, gravure, digital). The eciCMYK profile can be download for free.

Since the gamut of eciCMYK is larger than any real printing gamut and the profile allows a high total ink coverage (TAC), this profile is not suitable for printing.

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PDFX-ready Preflight profiles
V1.5 / V2.5 released

PDFX-ready has update their preflight profiles for Acrobat Pro. The latest versions feature the following changes:

  • V2.5 (for PDF/X-4):
    • Removed check for single-color hairlines (< 0.125 pt) since these lines are no longer problematic in modern CTP and Digital workflows.
    • Check of multi-color objects (text < 8 pt; lines < 0.25 pt) also for Digital Printing.
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Compatibility with PDF/X-4 created by QuarkXPress 2016/2017.
  • V1.5 (for PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3):
    • New checks for recognition of black texts and vektors which most probably were re-separated (was alredy in V2.4).
    • More details in explanation for spot color check.
    • Removal of check “Annotation of this type not allowed (GWG)” (alignment with V2.x).

EFI Fiery DFEs and Workflows Process
the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0

EFI has announced that the six pages with 48 test elements of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 can be flawlessly processed by  Fiery DFEs und workflows.

On the web site of the Ghent Workgroup one can find the settings used for the successfull output of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 (also for some other vendors).

EFI acquires Xerox FreeFlow Print Server

Xerox and EFI haben have annonced that Xerox has sold their FreeFlow Print Server to EFI. EFI will continue supporting the current customers.

This makes EFI definitely number one of the vendors of output workflow systems for digital printing. EFI plans to integrate FreeFlow with their Fiery and MIS products.

Meaning of PDF 2.0 for printing industry

Mark Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager at Adobe, talks in a short interview (4’16”) with WhatTheyThink? about the meaning of PDF 2.0 for the printing industry.

For him the follwing features are especially important for printing industry:

  • Black point compensation
  • Output Intent for every page in a multi-page document
  • CxF standard for defining spectral data of spot colors.

PDF/X-6 will be based on PDF 2.0.

Kodak Prinergy Workflow Version 8 announced

Kodak has announced Version 8 of their Prinergy Workflow System. Prinergy 8 now offers a single workflow for both offset and digital printing. Prinergy can be integrated with printing systems from Ricoh, Minolta, Landa and Komori. It includes the new universal Digital Job Ticket Editor

In addition the packaging features were enhanced. The latest Specifications of the Ghent Workgroup for packaging are supported.

Tucanna releases tFlow 5

Tucanna has released tFlow 5. It’ a combination of tFlow Production and tFlow Approval and comes as a SaaS solution. The workflow software is targeted for digital printing. It has a nice user interface. Under the hood it’s powered by the Callas pdfToolbox Server. tFlow benefits from the new possibilites of pdfToolbox 9 for using variables in profiles. The new features are presented in a short webinar.

Callas pdfToolbox 9
with Scripting for Variables

Annonced long before Drupa Callas pdfToolbox 9 is now available. These are the highlights of the new version:

  • Support for the CxF standard (spectal data) for defining spot colors in PDF
  • Zoom feature and Wireframe display in pdfToolbox Desktop viewer
  • Features for Large Format Printing
  • Use of Shapes for the creation of new objects
    (e.g. Varnish, Diecut line)
  • Improvements for preflight variables (incl. scripting)

A detailed list of all new features can be found in the Release Notes.

More information and examples are available in an english webinar recording (72’14”). 

I have waited long time for the scripting feature for variables. This allows extremly flexible preflight and fixing profiles. Hopefully Adobe recognizes this as well and will include this feature in an upcoming Acrobat version…!

PDF trends at Drupa 2016

At PDF Days Europe on 15.6.16 in Berlin I have given a presentation about the PDF trends at Drupa 2016.

The new digital (inkjet) presses require powerful PDF workflows in order fed enough pages to these machines. Digital printing has also new requirements for PDF like variable data and multicolor (more than four process colors). Fortunately there are already new standards (PDF/VT, PDF/X-5n, CxF/X-4, PDF Processing Steps) for this.

In my presentation I focused on where these standards were already appearing in products at Drupa.

The final part of the presentation is a market overview of PDF products in ten categories.

PDF at Drupa 2016

At the beginning of June the biggest trade show for printing Drupa takes place again in Dusseldorf. In the center of the interest are digital printing machines based on inkjet technology. Their speed and the formats are getting bigger and bigger. On the other hand the average number of printed copies is going down. Therefore these printing machines need to be fed with more pages on a higher speed. Powerful PDF workflows are required for this.

Although PDF workflow is not the main topic at Drupa but a very important prerequisite for the new digital printing machines.

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PDF/VT Application Notes

PDF Association has published the PDF/VT Application Notes which have been assembled during serveral month by a working group of the PDF/VT Competence Center chaired by Martin Bailey (CTO of Global Graphics). Some parts of the brochure Do PDF/VT Right by Global Graphics have been integrated.

The 47 page document is targeted to developers as well as users of system for creation and output of variable data and describes the advantage and use cases of the ISO standard PDF/VT (VT stands for variable data and transaction printing). Many tipps for building efficient PDF/VT are listed in order to avoid unnecessary computation during output.

PDFX-ready is 10 years old

Jaeggi2_84x88Ten years ago we have founded PDFX-ready in Zurich. Since then almost all important swiss printer associations, system integrators, consultants, training institutes, trade magazines and also some vendors support PDFX-ready as Partners. More than 200 users (printers, prepress service providers, graphic designers, ad agencies, publishers and also print buyers) are already Member of PDFX-ready.

The goal of the association is promoting the use of the PDF/X standards (ISO 15930) with clients, creators and receivers of digital artwork. The use of PDF/X is supported with short instructions (called recipes), color settings, export presets and preflight profiles for offset printing and recently als digital printing. For comprehensive background information on PDF/X workflows the popular PDFX-reade Guideline is available for free.

I was a founding member and since the beginning I am the board member responsible for  certifications. In addition I have developed the preflight profiles as well as the output test forms.

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