Review of PDF Days Europe 2017
in Berlin

On May 15th to 17th PDF Days Europe, organized by the PDF Association, took placed again in Berlin. The event, organized for the first time as PDF Technical Conference in 2012 in Basel with less than 60 attendees (mostly developers), was attentended by more than 200 vendors and users this year.  

This year the upcoming publication of PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2) and a (somewhat vague) preview of next-generation PDF, which is supposed to allow a better use of PDF on mobile devices, were the primary focus of the event. The concept became clearer only at the Hackathon on the third day.

Slides and video recordings are available of most presentations (please allow enough time to load the video previews on the page). There is also a YouTube video posted of my english presentation about the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

Presentation on PDFX-ready Online Tools
at PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin

At the PDF Days Europe 2017 organized by the PDF Association  in Berlin I was invited to give an english presentation on the PDFX-ready Online Tools:

Download PDF-Days2017_PDFX-ready-Online-Tools.pdf (PDF, 2.73MB)

Agenda of PDF Days Europe 2017 in Berlin

PDF Association has published the agenda of the PDF Days Europe from 15. – 17.5.2017 in Berlin.

In the centre of the interest is the presentation of new extensions to the PDF technology which are currently under development at the PDF Association under the code name «Next Generation PDF» aka «Camelot2».  I am following this development since serval months. It’s a marriage of PDF and Web technologies which will bring exiting new features to PDF. The real name of «Camelot2» and it’s purpose will be revealed at the PDF Days in Berlin for the first time in public. (The code name «Camelot2» is derived from the code name of the first PDF project of John Warnock in the early ninties.)

Of course PDF 2.0 is also an important topic of the conference. The publication of ISO standard 32000-2 is planned for the second half of this year.

A couple of presentations will deal with cloud based PDF solutions. On May 15th at 14h15 I will present our PDFX-ready Online Tools.

Readers of PDF-AKTUELL can benefit from a rebate on the ticket for PDF Days Europe (EUR 355.81 instead of EUR 451.01 incl. VAT) by entering the promotion code PDE-Camelot-PDFX at the bottom of the registration page.

PDFX-ready Online Tools Presentation at Swiss Publishing Days

I gave an english presentation about the PDFX-ready Online Tools at the meeting of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) in Barcelona and at the Callas and FourPees VIP event in Berlin:

In order to view the integrated movie on slide 4 you must download the PDF and read it locally on your computer.

Information event on PDFX-ready Online Tools

On October 25th PDFX-ready hosted an information event at the Berufsschule für Gestaltung Zürich. More than one hundred users have attended the first public presentation of the final version of the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

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PDF trends at Drupa 2016

At PDF Days Europe on 15.6.16 in Berlin I have given a presentation about the PDF trends at Drupa 2016.

The new digital (inkjet) presses require powerful PDF workflows in order fed enough pages to these machines. Digital printing has also new requirements for PDF like variable data and multicolor (more than four process colors). Fortunately there are already new standards (PDF/VT, PDF/X-5n, CxF/X-4, PDF Processing Steps) for this.

In my presentation I focused on where these standards were already appearing in products at Drupa.

The final part of the presentation is a market overview of PDF products in ten categories.

PDF at Drupa 2016

At the beginning of June the biggest trade show for printing Drupa takes place again in Dusseldorf. In the center of the interest are digital printing machines based on inkjet technology. Their speed and the formats are getting bigger and bigger. On the other hand the average number of printed copies is going down. Therefore these printing machines need to be fed with more pages on a higher speed. Powerful PDF workflows are required for this.

Although PDF workflow is not the main topic at Drupa but a very important prerequisite for the new digital printing machines.

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Enfocus Innovations at Drupa

Enfocus has announced their Innovations for Drupa:

  • Enfocus AppStore
  • Switch PDF Review Modul (uses CHILI rendro)
  • Switch Browser Portal
  • PitStop Extended Preflight
  • Switch Web Services 2.0
  • Switch Asset Syncing

On the website you can also book demos for each topic. Enfocus can be found on stand 8b/A23 of their parent company Esko.

Agenda of PDF Days Europe 2016

PDF Association has published the agenda of PDF Days Europe 2016. The bi-lingual conference will take place on June 14 and 15 in Berlin. On June 13 there is also a pre-conference with multiple workshops. 

In the afternoon of June 15 I will give an english presentation entitled RGB workflow with PDF/X-4 and participate in a panel on the results of Drupa 2016 which will close it’s door only a couple of days before the conference.

Look back to 2015 and outlook to 2016

Jaeggi2_84x88In the beginning of 2015 my project at Novartis Pharma (global introduction of PDF/X-4 for all pharma packaging) has come to a successful end. That gave me more time for other things like building On march 9th, 2015 my new internet presence was officially started. The number of visitors is steadily increasing. Until now almost 300 blog posts in english and german have been posted.

In summer I could support a big german publishing group with the introduction of PDF/X-4. It was relatively easy since I had already introduced PDF/X-1a at this company a couple of years ago.

In addition I have invested a lot of time for the preparation of my new seminar PDF Master Class II (for now only in german). This seminar is very successful. The first seminars took place almost everywhere in full seminar rooms. On some locations additional seminars had to be organized. Since then I have constantly updated the seminar. I have also integrated Acrobat DC after the release. This seminar will be offered again at most locations this year.

For 2016 I will resume my PDF/X-4 seminars. During consulting and discussions with users I am often surprised that a lot of companies still don’t use this standard (introduced already in 2008!). At the same time they report problems with flattened transparency – but don’t think about trying PDF/X-4. A lot of them say “we have been using PDF/X-3 since 10 years – why should we change something?”. Those people have not realised that during the last ten years the technology for creating PDF (direct pdf export instead of Distiller, transparency, layers, etc.) and for PDF output (native PDF RIPs) has evolved dramatically. Using a 15 year old data format does not allow to benefit from these new technologies. Those who have not yet switched to PDF/X-4 should consider attending one of my PDF/X-4 seminars. (Unfortunately currently only available in german.)

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New ECI profiles for sheetfed offset printing

On September 30th a kick-off event took place in Stuttgart were BVDM, ECI and FOGRA presented their new tools supporting the new ISO 12647-2:2013 printing standard.

The new ISO-Standard supports the latest developments and standards in measuring technology and lightening. For papers containing optical brigheners a better process control can be achieved. Color measurements and visual impression of proof and printing are better in line.

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PDFX-ready is 10 years old

Jaeggi2_84x88Ten years ago we have founded PDFX-ready in Zurich. Since then almost all important swiss printer associations, system integrators, consultants, training institutes, trade magazines and also some vendors support PDFX-ready as Partners. More than 200 users (printers, prepress service providers, graphic designers, ad agencies, publishers and also print buyers) are already Member of PDFX-ready.

The goal of the association is promoting the use of the PDF/X standards (ISO 15930) with clients, creators and receivers of digital artwork. The use of PDF/X is supported with short instructions (called recipes), color settings, export presets and preflight profiles for offset printing and recently als digital printing. For comprehensive background information on PDF/X workflows the popular PDFX-reade Guideline is available for free.

I was a founding member and since the beginning I am the board member responsible for  certifications. In addition I have developed the preflight profiles as well as the output test forms.

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Acrobat Pro DC is new topic in PDF Master Class II

The new Acrobat version will be added to the topics of PDF Master Class II. I will give a critical overview from the point of view of print production.

At the moment the following seminars (in german) are planned:

Additional dates are in planning for Düsseldorf and Ismaning (Munich).

All the details can be found in the seminar schedule.