MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers
support Processing Steps

The latest versions of the Axaio plug-ins for InDesign MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers allow the definition and the PDF export of layers with Processing Steps metadata:

PDF Processing Steps were defined by the Ghent Workgroup and will soon be releases as ISO-Standard 15993. PDF Processing Steps allow standardized identification of non-printing objects in packaging files (e.g. dieline, braille, varnish, folding) and help automating production.

Callas pdfToolbox 9.4 with PDF 2.0

Callas has released version 9.4 of pdfToolbox. The update supports the new ISO standard 32000-2 (PDF 2.0). In addition there is a new feature for comparing two profiles:

This comparison feature will certainly help me in the  development of upcoming versions the thirty PDFX-ready preflight profiles.

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Quality loss after color conversion
in Acrobat

In preparation of my new seminar PDF Color Management I have tested the image compression before and after color conversion in the most popular PDF tools.

In highend PDFs destinated for quality printing the images are usually compressed using JPEG maximum quality. Before color conversion the images must be decompressed and afterwards compressed again. Acrobat always uses JPEG medium quality for this recompression. The consequence is that there is an (unexpected) loss of quality of the color converted images (see table).

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in Acrobat

Callas pdfToolbox 9.3 with new
color separation feature

The update 9.3 of pdf Toolbox from Callas adds a new feature for the color separation of CMYK and spot color pages. This sounds like a déjà vue. In the late 1990ies color separation of PDF pages was a huge topic. (I was working on a software solution myself.) But it seams that there is still a need. Just recently I had such an enquiry. The customer would like to check separations on the monitor and print them on a laser printer if necessary.

During the first test I recognized a mess with the separation names in the page label fields when the PDF had multiple pages. I have reported the bug to Callas and after a two weeks the problem was fixed in an update. Therefore you should update to version 9.3.434.

Problem with Enfocus PitStop Inspector
in Adobe Acrobat DC 2017

There is a problem with PitStop Inspector in Acrobat DC 2017. After starting Acrobat it is impossible to select an object with the PitStop Inspector tool.

This is also true for older versions of Enfocus PitStop. The reason for the problem seam to be a change in Acrobat DC 2017. Enfocus is working with Adobe to find a solution.

The recommended workaround is to open the window Adobe Acrobat DC > About Third-Party Plug-Ins > About Enfocus PitStop Pro… and close it. Afterwards objects can be selected as usual … until the next start of Acrobat DC 2017. Then you have to open the About Enfocus window again!

UPDATE: the problem has been fixed by Adobe in the November 2017 Update of Acrobat.

Enfocus PitStop 2017
with new technology

Enfocus has released version 2017 of PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. It’s the first bigger update sind April 2015 (version 13).

Enfocus has used the time to develop some innovative new preflight features. I have waited for these since longtime.

These features are based on the new PDF Geomapper technology. This makes ist possible to check objects based on their position on the page in relation to other objects at this position. This was not possible with any preflight tool since only properties of single objects are checked.

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with new technology

Callas pdfToolbox 9.2
with cross-library search

In pdfToolbox 9 Callas has introduced the possibility to define unlimited libraries with collections of profiles, checks, fixups and multiple settings. This allows very easily to combine all definitions for a particular project or customer and save them in an independent way. Changes in one library do not change anything in other libraries. So far so good. It becomes problematic if one uses this feature extensively (like me) and one has to search for a specific definition but cannot remember in which library this was saved.

This problem is now solved with the latest update to Callas pdfToolbox 9.2 with allows to search in all libriaries at once.

In addition to some smaller feature enhancements the new version allows to use an external text editor for definition JavaScripts in variables.

New survey: Which Acrobat Plug-ins
are you using on a regular basis?

In the latest survey I am asking for the Acrobat Plug-ins which you are using on a regular basis. It’s possible to add additinal Plug-ins to the list.

The survey can only be answered once. After entering your answers you will see the current results.

Callas pdfToolbox 9.1
with Processing Steps

pdfToolbox 9.1 adds support for the Processing Steps standard, includes a new version of the Adobe PDF library and extends several main pdfToolbox features.

PDF Processing Steps is a specification originally developed by the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) to associate information about printing and finishing processes (such as cutting, embossing, varnish …) with a PDF document. This is done by grouping page objects in layers (technically: optional content groups), and adding metadata to those layers to identify them as processing steps. The GWG specification is currently going through a standardization process at the ISO organization to become an official international standard.

pdfToolbox 9.1 implements wide support for this specification: it is possible to view or add processing steps information, check for its availability or correctness during preflight and fix common problems with it.

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with Processing Steps

New MadeToTag version
with a clever form field function

The latest version 1.7.080 of the InDesign plug-in MadeToTag from Axaio, known for the features for the definition and export of tagged PDF (PDF/UA), now also comes with a feature for better export of form field properties out of InDesign.

Since longtime the Adobe layout application offers the possibility to define form fields directly in the layout. During PDF export they are converted to PDF form fields. Unfortunately the possibilities for the definition of the form field properties in InDesign are very limited, compared to what can be done in Acrobat. That’s why a lot of users still prefer defining their form fields in Acrobat. Which has the disadvantage that one has to update the form fields after each change of the form layout.

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with a clever form field function

Callas pdfToolbox 9
with Scripting for Variables

Annonced long before Drupa Callas pdfToolbox 9 is now available. These are the highlights of the new version:

  • Support for the CxF standard (spectal data) for defining spot colors in PDF
  • Zoom feature and Wireframe display in pdfToolbox Desktop viewer
  • Features for Large Format Printing
  • Use of Shapes for the creation of new objects
    (e.g. Varnish, Diecut line)
  • Improvements for preflight variables (incl. scripting)

A detailed list of all new features can be found in the Release Notes.

More information and examples are available in an english webinar recording (72’14”). 

I have waited long time for the scripting feature for variables. This allows extremly flexible preflight and fixing profiles. Hopefully Adobe recognizes this as well and will include this feature in an upcoming Acrobat version…!

Enfocus PitStop 13 Update 2 at Drupa

Just in time for Drupa Enfocus PitStop 13 Update 2 for PitStop Professional and Server has been released.

The new version (finally) displays the tool icons in Acrobat DC on retina displays. Additional Pantone colors are included in the update. The preflight restrictions have been improved. In addition the preflight profiles for the Ghent 2015 Specifications are part of the update. The enhancements are demonstrated in a short YouTube video.

In a second YouTube video the new features for packaging a presented. In addition to actions for PDF Processing Steps there are also special features for ESKO PDF files.

The new version can be seen at Drupa on stand 8a/A23.

Callas pdfToolbox 9 at Drupa

pdfToolbox9Callas Software has announced that pdfToolbox 9 will be presented at Drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf in June for the first time. In addition there will be a new version of pdfChip.

pdfToolbox 9 extents the possibility of preflight variables by allowing to dynamically change variable values during processing. Other prepress innovations allow for automatically creating background objects, e.g. for printing on transparent material or are related to new developments such as CxF for spectral data in PDF files. 

Callas can be found in stand 7/C19 of Four Pees in the Drupa Innovation Parc. Booking of a demo is available.

Callas pdfToolbox 8.3 released

Callas Software has released pdfToolbox 8.3. This free update for users of pdfToolbos 8 contains numerous bug fixes and also some new features.

E.g. a problem is solved which bugged me the last couple of years in my seminars. Executing an Acrobat preflight after having used the pdfToolbox plug-in in Acrobat Pro resulted in an ugly error message. I always had to quit and restart Acrobat. This problem is now finally solved in version 8.3! The family controversy between Acrobat Preflight and his brother Callas pdfToolbox is settled. 😉

Like in Acrobat the expired digital signature which is used for sealing the PDF after embedding the preflight audit trail is renewed. The signature is now valid until 9.2.2020.

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes.

Debenu PDF Aerialist 13 released

The australian developer Debenu has released PDF Aerialist 13. This Acrobat plugin for Macintosh and Windows allows to automatically create and edit bookmarks and links. PDFs can be merged and splitted while optionally converting internal bookmarks and links to external bookmarks and links!

In addition table of contents can be created based on (typo)graphical properties. Stamps can be added and there is also a mail merge feature. New is the integration of a simple imposition module.

The comprehensive features are presented in a series of YouTube videos. PDF Aerialist is not (yet) 64bit compliant. Therefore the plugin cannot be used with Acrobat DC on the Mac.

For testing there is a 14 day trial version. The split and merge as well as the stamp features are also available in the freeware version Debenu PDF Aerialist Lite.