Free Webinar on Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0

On January, 11th I have conducted a webinar for the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) on the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 for which I am the project leader in my role as co-chair of the Process Control subcommittee of the Ghent Workgroup.

The webinar recording is available and you can also view or download the presentation.

New survey: Which standalone PDF applications are you using frequently for your prepress files?

A year ago I have asked which Acrobat plugins are used on a regular basis. The focus in the most recent survey is on standalone applications:

Which standalone PDF applications are you using frequently for your prepress files?

It’s possible to add additional applications (not plug-ins!) in the field “Others”.

The survey can only be taken once. After entering your answers you will see the current results.

The survey can also be answered in the right sidebar. –––>

Acrobat is the most popular Preflight tool

In my last survey I have asked which Preflight tool(s) is used most frequently. These were the five most mentioned products (count on 28.12.17):

  1. Acrobat Preflight (30.61 %)
  2. Enfocus PitStop Pro (15.51 %)
  3. OneVision (15.10 %)
  4. Callas pdfToolbox Desktop (12.63 %)
  5. Callas pdfToolbox Server/CLI/SDK (8.16 %)

Other products were mentioned less than 5%.

Acrobat 2018 Update
with bug fixes for print production

Adobe has released an unplaned update for Acrobat 2018 to version

Beside other bug fixes it also features fixes for two bugs in print production

  • Acrobat crashes while viewing PDF’s with Output Preview\Overprint Print enabled.
  • Acrobat crashes\hangs on converting the spot colors to CMYK.

Personally I am using both features on a regular basis but I did not had any problems with them recently. Conversion of spot colors to CMYK is even a topic in my PDF Color Management seminar. I also did not receive any complaints from my seminar attendees nor the readers of PDF-AKTUELL.

This update also fixes a problem with Enfocus PitStop Pro.

(BTW: the users with a perpetual license didn’t got an update…)

Enfocus Connect 2017 available

Enfocus has released an upgrade to the Connect product family with support for Switch 2017 and Pitstop 2017. Connect helps creative and print professionals create print ready PDF files and delivers them, with job ticket specifications, in an easy to use way from most applications to internal or remote locations.

I have used Enfocus Connect to create the Connectors for the PDFX-ready Online Tools.

MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers
support Processing Steps

The latest versions of the Axaio plug-ins for InDesign MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers allow the definition and the PDF export of layers with Processing Steps metadata:

PDF Processing Steps were defined by the Ghent Workgroup and will soon be releases as ISO-Standard 15993. PDF Processing Steps allow standardized identification of non-printing objects in packaging files (e.g. dieline, braille, varnish, folding) and help automating production.

Ghent Workgroup Webinars

In the upcoming weeks the Ghent (PDF) Workgroup (GWG) is organizing a series of free webinas. These webinars are hold by well known PDF experts from Europe and the US. Recordings of past webinars are also available.

I will conduct a webinar about the Ghent PDF Output Suite on January 11th, 2018.

Callas pdfToolbox 9.4 with PDF 2.0

Callas has released version 9.4 of pdfToolbox. The update supports the new ISO standard 32000-2 (PDF 2.0). In addition there is a new feature for comparing two profiles:

This comparison feature will certainly help me in the  development of upcoming versions the thirty PDFX-ready preflight profiles.

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Screening technology to avoid the orange peel

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics (Harlequin-RIPs), talks in his blog about tests to avoid the orange peel effekt for inkjet presses using special screening methodes.

When inkjet presses print on non-absorbent, poorly wettable media such as flexible plastics or metal, prints are characterized by a mottle effect that looks a bit like orange peel. This effect seems to be triggered by ink shrinkage during cure. This can be corrected with a halftone with specially designed characteristics.

In order to avoid these artifacts Global Graphics will soon introduce a new screen technology.

It’s interesting that the topic of screening becomes important again for the new printing technologies…

One year PDFX-ready Online Tools

In the morning of Octobre 26th, 2016 we have launched the PDFX-ready Online Tools. which I had developed for PDFX-ready. Right at the beginning we offered three tools:

There is a FREEWARE and PREMIUM versions for members of PDFX-ready.

The experience we made in the past year is pretty good. The Enfocus Switch server with the applications Callas pdfToolbox and ColorLogic ProfileTagger is running very stable. But of course there were a few problems.

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New survey: Which Preflight tool(s)
are you using frequently?

The question of the last survey was how many of your PDF files are checked by a Prelight tool.

In the new survey I would like to know which Preflight tool(s) are you using frequently

Which Preflight tool(s) are you using frequently?

Most PDF files are checked by Preflight!

The result of the last survey on how many PDF files are checked by a preflight tool is surprisingly very positiv. The majority of the PDF files of the readers of PDF-AKTUELL run through a preflight check. But there are still almost 20% of the users were less than a quarter of the PDFs are checked:

How many of your PDF files are checked by a Prelight tool?

Four color conversion technologies
for PDF

In my new seminar PDF Color Management I discuss four different color conversion technologies:

  • Pure ICC color conversion (ICC)
  • ICC color conversion with exceptions (ICC-Plus)
  • DeviceLink conversion (DVL)
  • Smart color conversion (Smart)

Which PDF tools do support these technologies can be seen in the following table:

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for PDF

Quality loss after color conversion
in Acrobat

In preparation of my new seminar PDF Color Management I have tested the image compression before and after color conversion in the most popular PDF tools.

In highend PDFs destinated for quality printing the images are usually compressed using JPEG maximum quality. Before color conversion the images must be decompressed and afterwards compressed again. Acrobat always uses JPEG medium quality for this recompression. The consequence is that there is an (unexpected) loss of quality of the color converted images (see table).

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in Acrobat

ZePrA 6 from ColorLogic with PantoneLIVE integration

Version 6 of the ColorLogic color server features an integration with PantoneLIVE. This allows to online access spectral definitions of spot colors.

There are additional improvements in the area of spot color iteration and better administration of spot color libraries. In addition there are improvement in handling queues and configuration.

In the online help for the ZePrA the new features are covered indepth.