New ECI profiles for sheetfed offset printing

On September 30th a kick-off event took place in Stuttgart were BVDM, ECI and FOGRA presented their new tools supporting the new ISO 12647-2:2013 printing standard.

The new ISO-Standard supports the latest developments and standards in measuring technology and lightening. For papers containing optical brigheners a better process control can be achieved. Color measurements and visual impression of proof and printing are better in line.

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PDFX-ready is 10 years old

Jaeggi2_84x88Ten years ago we have founded PDFX-ready in Zurich. Since then almost all important swiss printer associations, system integrators, consultants, training institutes, trade magazines and also some vendors support PDFX-ready as Partners. More than 200 users (printers, prepress service providers, graphic designers, ad agencies, publishers and also print buyers) are already Member of PDFX-ready.

The goal of the association is promoting the use of the PDF/X standards (ISO 15930) with clients, creators and receivers of digital artwork. The use of PDF/X is supported with short instructions (called recipes), color settings, export presets and preflight profiles for offset printing and recently als digital printing. For comprehensive background information on PDF/X workflows the popular PDFX-reade Guideline is available for free.

I was a founding member and since the beginning I am the board member responsible for  certifications. In addition I have developed the preflight profiles as well as the output test forms.

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New ICC colour profile for newspaper printing

WAN-IFRA has released a new ICC colour profile for newspaper printing. It is based on the updated standard ISO 12647-3:2013 which features a reduced total ink coverage (220%) and maximum GCR. The profile WAN-IFRAnewspaper26v5.icc can be downloaded for free. The name of the profile (formerly ISOnewspaper26v4.icc) had to be modifed since the abbreviation “ISO” is only permitted to be used for original documents and products released by the International Organization for Standardization. In addition a new WAN-IFRA report on “ISO 12647-3:2013, Quality Standard for Newspaper Production” was published.

Since this profile does not have substantial advantages, PDFX-ready does not recommend to switch to this profile. This avoids changing existing workflows in newspaper printing.

Callas pdfToolbox 8 released

Callas pdfToolbox 8 focuses on usability and versatility. It introduces an all-new Object Inspector tool for examination of PDF documents, the ability to add dynamic text, barcodes or more complex content using HTML templates and uniquely complete support for multi-channel color spaces and PDF/X-5n. And those are just the major features. More information about this pdfToolbox 8 release, can be found in the press release, the release notes and in an english webinar (73’19”).

Color Exchange Format (CxF3) is a new ISO standard

The Color Exchange Format version 3 (CxF3) developed by X-Rite was adopted as ISO Standard 17972-1:2015. The purpose of this format is the exchange of information about color for a broad range of applications in electronic form in XML format. X-Rite has published additional information on

The CxF3 format (ISO 17972-4) will be used in PDF 2.0 to define additional information for spot colors (e.g. spectral data, opacity, …). This is especially interesting for PDF prepress data for packaging since there unconventional spot colors (e.g. silver, gold, metallic) can be used which have a different printing behaviour than “regular” spot colors.

PDFX-ready Guideline now available in English

The PDFX-ready Guideline covers the entire workflow from the creation of images and illustrations, the design of the layout, the correct PDF export, preflight and output of PDF/X files. This guideline concentrates on the PDF/X-4 workflow using CMYK and spot colours.

QuarkXPress 2015 with PDF/X-4 is here

With a delay of one month QuarkXPress 2015 is now available. The new version features finally (after seven years) the creation of PDF/X-4 files! It’s still done through a PostScript export (enriched with pdfmarks commands for transparencies and layers), a conversion to a regular PDF and finally a conversion to PDF/X-4 including a PDF/X-4 preflight check (Quark calls this verification) using the PDF technology from Callas.

Quark now also participates in the funny games with the version numbers. QuarkXPress 2015 has internally version number 11:


Standardisation of packaging workflows

Dave Zwang, chairman of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), has published a two part article on the state of standardisation of packaging workflows on The first part covers the definition of spot colors using CxF (Color Exchange Format). The standardisation of non-printing information (e.g. die cutting, varnish, braille) in packaging files using meta data in optional content groups (layers) in PDF is the focus of the second part. On the iniative of GWG both topics are currently integrated into upcoming ISO standards.

Instructions for successful output of Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has published a web page with links to recommended settings for successful output of Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0. These settings are also valid for the Output Test Pages 3.0 of PDFX-ready since those are using the GWG test pages.

Unfortunately only the settings of GWG vendor members (Agfa, Esko, Kodak, Dalim) are listed. Some other vendors (Océ, EFI, Ricoh) will follow.

PDF/UA-1:2014 is published in an accessible version by the ISO

Two years after the publication of the standard PDF/UA-1:2012 (ISO 14289-1) a slightly modified version PDF/UA-1:2014 was published.

This ISO standard is the first document which is published in an accessible version by the ISO. The ISO was supported by two members of the PDF Association and their PDF/UA competency center.

The new version features small adjustments and clarifications. PDF/UA-1:2014 replaces the 2012 version.

Additional details can be found on

Booklet on PDF/VT

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics, was written an interesting booklet on the new ISO standard PDF/VT entitled Do PDF/VT Right. The english publication offers a good overview on PDF/VT and tells what is necessary for an efficent use of this standard. The booklet also includes many useful recommendations for daily production.

Webinar on PDF Preflight Standards

On May 14th David van Driessche, CTO of the callas distributor Four Pees, hold an english webinar on “PDF Preflight Standards” (57 minutes).

These were the topics:

  • ISO Preflight Standard: PDF/X and more
  • PDF/X-Plus Preflight Standards of the Ghent Workgroup for specific market segments
  • Which profile shall I use? What’s the meaning of the version numbers?
  • Checking or fixing? When do you use what?
  • GWG Proof of Preflight – Embedding the preflight results