Ghent Workgroup PDF Survey 2017

Every few years the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is conduction a survey on the use of PDF. The responses will help to better understand how processes have changed over the years, which specifications are being adopted, and how workflows vary so the GWG can continue to improve their solutions. Completing the survey only takes a few minutes. In order to get better results it would be great if a lot of users could participate in this survey.

New survey: Which Acrobat Plug-ins
are you using on a regular basis?

In the latest survey I am asking for the Acrobat Plug-ins which you are using on a regular basis. It’s possible to add additinal Plug-ins to the list.

The survey can only be answered once. After entering your answers you will see the current results.

Reluctant transition to new printing conditions

At the end of last year I have conducted a survey regarding the transition to PSO Coated v3 / PSO Uncoated v3 FOGRA52. Only 16% are already using the new profiles. An additional 13% is currently in the middle of the transition. Almost half of the users are planning a later transition. A fifth will not change.

These results are better than the results of a simular survey of Deutscher Drucker some month ago. There 90% have answered that they don’t intent to switch to the new ISO standard.

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New color profiles for sheetfed offset since one year

One year ago ECI has introduced the new ICC color profiles for sheetfed offset printing PSO Coated V3 (FOGRA51) and PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA 52). Recently BVDM has published Media Standard Print 2016 which is based on the new standards.

My latest survey also covers this topic:

What's your status regarding the transition to PSO Coated v3 / PSO Uncoated v3 FOGRA52?

Most of the PDFs are created
with Adobe InDesign

The question of the last survey in September was

With which application are your PDFs created mostly?

I am not surprised that most of the PDFs of the readers of PDF-AKTULL are created with Adobe InDesign. Unexpected is the relatively high proportion of QuarkXPress and also the low share of Acrobat Distiller.

With which application are your PDFs created mostly?

The topic of the current survey is PDF creation: With which application are your PDFs created mostly? Maximum three answers are possible:

With which application are your PDFs created mostly?

New survey:
Which PDF format do you use most?

In the last survey I have asked for the preferred PDF format. In the current surves the question is slightly different: Which PDF-Format do you use most?

Usually the results should be different. Because one not always gets the preferred format. Often other people/companies/systems dictate the format to use. The topic of the current survey is which PDF format is used most in daily production (voluntarily or involuntarily).

Please also complete this short survey (only two clicks required) in the right sidebar –––>

Only a quarter of the users for Acrobat DC

In my first survey I asked which Acrobat version(s) are used mostly. Since I already got this impression talking to my customers and seminar attendees, I am not surprise to see that three quarters of the users still use older versions of Acrobat:


I guess that more users (especially the subscribers of Creative Cloud which includes Acrobat DC) have downloaded the new version but they prefer to use an older version…