10 most popular posts on PDF-AKTUELL in 2017

In 2017 70 posts in english and 75 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Is JPEG2000 compression suitable for PDF files for prepress? (28.06.17)
  2. eciCMYK (FOGRA53) as new CMYK exchange color space (05.09.17)
  3. PDF 2.0 (ISO standard 32000-2) is (finally) published! (07.08.17)
  4. Quality loss after color conversion in Acrobat (17.10.17)
  5. Enfocus PitStop 2017 with new technology (21.04.17) 
  6. Acrobat DC April 2017 Update with confusing version jump (11.04.17)
  7. Acrobat DC 2018 with PDF 2.0 (20.11.17)
  8. 25 years PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi (15.01.17)
  9. Four color conversion technologies for PDF (18.10.17)
  10. Problem with Enfocus PitStop Inspector in Adobe Acrobat DC 2017 (16.06.17)

Unwanted mails to newsletter subscibers

My Internet provider has recently migrated my server. Unfortunately the settings of the mailinglists which are used for sending the PDF-AKTUELL newsletters have been lost during this operation.

Some subscribers have reveiced unwanted mails from the mailing list. The provider is sorry for that.

The settings are now restored and this should put an end to these unwanted mails…!

10 most popular posts on PDF-AKTUELL in 2016

In 2016 90 posts in english and 108 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Only a quarter of the users for Acrobat DC (19.05.16)
  2. Alternative to Adobe DPS (01.03.16)
  3. One year Acrobat DC (24.04.16)
  4. PDF/X-4 is the preferred PDF format (03.08.16)
  5. PDFX-ready V2.4 for PDF/X-4 CMYK (04.03.16)
  6. Adobe preflight signature has expired (08.02.16)
  7. PDF/X-1a is 15 years old! (01.12.16)
  8. PDF trends at Drupa 2016 (25.06.16)
  9. Announcement of PDFX-ready Online Tools (30.08.16)
  10. Irritating dialog in Acrobat/Reader DC (21.01.16)

Issue 100 of PDF-AKTUELL

Today issue 100 of the newsletter PDF-AKTUELL is published. The first issue was released on 9.2.1999 in german: 


In the archive most of the published newsletters are still available. Unfortunately some issues were “lost”.  Of course most of the links in the old newsletters are invalid by now. But I often use the archive to check when a particular version of a software was released and which new features were introduced.

The first newsletters were created with Adobe PageMill, the first WYSIWYG editor for HTML. The design is relatively ugly (however some people have called it “cult”).

Starting with PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 81 I have switched to WordPress (with the Newsletter plugin). After a few problems at the beginning it’s now running smoothly.

Since PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 83 the newsletter is also published in English. And thanks to  Google Translate also in 120 additional languages. 😉

The goal remains to send a summary of all news releated to PDF in Print Production via e-mail to all subscribers. The subscription of the newsletter is free of charge.

PDF-AKTUELL Nr. 100 features a summary of Drupa 2016. In addition to the blog post I have collected the most important PDF Trends at Drupa in a presentation at the PDF Days Europe.

Surveys on PDF-AKTUELL

I have installed a new feature on PDF-AKTUELL which allows to easily conduct surveys. The surveys are anonymous. The current result is revealed after submitting the vote.

There will be new survey questions on a regular basis. The latest survey is always display in the right sidebar. The results of all surveys can be seen in the survey archive.

The topic of the first survey is the Acrobat version(s) in use.

Improvements for newsletter PDF-AKTUELL

Jaeggi2The distribution of my last newsletter created a big load on my web server. Many readers had to wait long time before a link was executed or they even got an error message.

The reason was that all links in the newsletter were redirected via my server in order to be counted by the statistic module of my newsletter software. If a lot of readers try to access at the same time it becomes critical.

I have found a way to deactivate the statistic feature. Links in the newsletter now go directly to the final web page which most of the time is not on my server.

In addition I will try to avoid to distribute the newsletter during business hours from now on. Therefore not all readers will access at the same time.

More articles available in german blog

GoogleTranslationIn the german blog there are additional articles available for which no external web pages in english exists or containing information which is only relevant for german speaking users.

You can use the translate feature on the bottom of the right panel to ask for a Google translation.

Notification for new blog posts

BlogtrottrI have added a feature in the right side bar to register an email address with Blogtrottr in order to receive a notification email when a new blog post has been published on PDF-AKTUELL. 

After submission of your email address you must subscribe to the first feed (https://pdf-aktuell.ch/pa/language/en/feed) on the Blogtrottr page. The second feed is only for the comments.

You will then receive a confirmation mail by Blogtrottr which you must confirm in order to activate the service.

At the end of each notification mail there is a link to stop this service.

www.pdf-aktuell.ch is one year old

Jaeggi2_84x88One year ago I have started a new bilingual homepage with a blog based on WordPress at www.pdf-aktuell.ch. What seamed at first an easy task, has developed into an never ending story. Constantly updates are required, adaptions and enhancement have to be added. In the meantime two dozen plugins are in operation. (A list of all Workpress plugins used currently on my site can be found on the FAQ page.) But there are still some features missing.

In the past couple of days I could add some stuff in the front and backstage (e.g. sharing feature for popular social media, pagination feature for blog posts, simpler newsletter unsubscription). Regarding the newsletter features I had bad luck recently. My provider had changed the configuration of the mailing lists. This made subscription and unsubscription impossible. Sending mails was also impossible. (That’s the reason for the late delivery of the newsletter.) After a couple of support tickets the mailing list is back to life. But now I get a lot of SPAM at the admin addresses…

Weiterlesen / Continuewww.pdf-aktuell.ch is one year old

Start of new web site and new newsletter in english

Dear PDF users As announced in the last issue of the german newsletter PDF-AKTUELL I have set up a new modern web site with a blog. The URL is http://www.pdf-aktuell.ch. The web site is in german and english. There is also a new newsletter which will serve to regulary send the most important articles of the blog to the subscribers. For the first time the newsletter will also be published in english. I have already filled the blog since more than half a year with articles. The new web pages feature a comment function which will facilitate the dialog with the readers. In addition there is a page with frequently asked questions (and the answers). I am looking forward to get your feedback (positive and negative) as well as suggestions via the contact form. The implementation of the new web site was delayed because I first wanted to finish my projekt at Novartis Pharma. I was responsible for the introduction of PDF/X-4 for all packaging materials on a global bases. This project was so successfull that they don’t need my support anymore. Therefore I have time again for my new web site, new seminars and new projects! If you are interested please contact me… 😉 Stephan Jaeggi