Reduced ticket fee for
PDF Days Europe 2018

As reported earlier, the conference PDF Days Europe will take place this year on May 14th and 15th again in Berlin.

As the first presenter of the conference, I have the honor to introduce the keynote of PDF developer Richard Cohn from Adobe. I will report my personal experience with PDF in the past 27 years.

Readers of PDF-AKTUELL can get the reduced tickets for EUR 299,00 instead of EUR 377,31 (net) by entering the promotion code PDE18-Jubilee-Prepress on the bottom of the order page. Attention: Enter the number of tickets only after entering the promotion code!

Enfocus Switch 2018 released

The update of the workflow software Enfocus Switch 2018 mainly features enhancement in the area of job administration:

  • Job Finder: quickly find job status
  • Configurable Boards: flexible view of jobs
  • Webhooks: connectivity with external services (e.g. MIS)
  • One-click actions: release all connections, access to job variables and metadata
  • Private Data: now also accessible without Scripting module

In May additional new features (new reporting module, additional one-click actions) shall be available.

An overview of the new features is also available in a YouTube video (4’08”).

InDesign 13.1: export pages as
separate PDF documents

The march update of Adobe InDesign (version 13.1) (finally) adds a feature which allows to export each layout page as a seperate PDF:

You can select if the names of the PDF files shall get an incremental number, the page number or the page size as a suffix.

Our white paper has changed
prepress 20 years ago

On March 13th, 1998 the white paper «PDF for Prepress» was published. This white paper was created by a dozen prepress experts from Germany and Switzerland which have met to discuss the current status of PDF for prepress production:

In this white paper a series of shortcomings and limitations (e.g. no bleed), workflow problems (e.g. Fonts) and desirable functionality (e.g. color separations) which at that time were the reason that PDF could not be used as universal data format for all prepress data. The white paper did not only mention the current situation but also described the goals.

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prepress 20 years ago

10 years PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7:2008)

In March 2018 the first version of the ISO standard 15930-7 (PDF(X-4) was published. We have been working on this specification in the ISO TC130/TF2/WG2 committee for almost three years. It was the first big and important update since the original ISO standards PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3. In PDF/X-4 new features like transparency and layers are allowed for the first time.

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Results of Ghent Workgroup Survey

Last year the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has conducted a worldwide survey on PDF workflow in seven languages. Now a summary of the results with comments was published. The results are also discussed in a comprehensive video (49′). Especially interesting is the fact that the current results were compared with the results of similar surveys conducted in 1998 and 2008. 

In total 1109 people have answered the survey. Surprisingly more than a third of the participants picked PDFX-ready at this question:

New PDFX-ready Connectors released

Because of licensing reasons, the PDFX-ready Connectors are time limited. Just in time before they become invalid, PDFX-ready has released version 3 of the PDFX-ready Connectors.

Users of the FREEWARE version can get the new version by registering again.

Users of a PREMIUM version will get the link and the password to download the new version by e-mail to the official contact (listed in the member directory) as soon as the payment of the membership fee for 2018 is received.

The new versions are valid until 15.3.2019.

Changed Hotkey for Annotations
in Output Preview

Already in 2012 in Acrobat XI a new feature was introduced which allows to store information from Output Preview (color value of separations or result of object inspector) as an annotation in the PDF page. To get this the user had to perform a Shift+Click on the page while the Output Preview window was open.

The use of the Shift key as hotkey was unfortunate since the shift key is also used for performing multiple selections with the Acrobat tool Edit Object or the PitStop Inspector. This was no longer possible while the Output Preview was open. Instead of selecting multiple objects Acrobat created unwanted annotations.

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in Output Preview

February update for Acrobat DC

The February Update for Acrobat DC 2018 to version 18.011.20035 (only for subscription version) features the following enhancements:  

In the new version there is also a Print production enhancement.  In a separate article I am giving some background information about the Changed Hotkey for Annotations in Output Preview.

In addition on February 23rd an optional Update to version 18.011.20038 with a few additional bug fixes was released.

(The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….)

Most users have received automatic updates since the corresponding option in the preferences was recently activated by default.

Recordings of GWG webinars

Recently the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has conducted eight webinars. The recordings are available here: