10 things you do with PDF, but shouldn’t!

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has organized a webinar entitled 10 things you do with PDF, but shouldn’t.

David van Driessche (Four Pees, Callas) und Christian Blaise (Bleu Process, agileStreams) have discussed the following topics:


  1. Illustrator is not a PDF editor (YouTube, 7’58”)
  2. Importing Illustrator® into Indesign® (YouTube, 7’14”)
  3. Converting Text to Outline (YouTube, 9’11”)
  4. Converting Text to Outline using transparency flattening (YouTube, 6’31”)
  5. Converting CMYK to CMYK using ICC Profiles (YouTube, 6’22”)
  6. Merge PDF files and font instances (YouTube, 6’26”)
  7. Redistill (YouTube, 5’58”)
  8. Overprint Preview (YouTube, 4’55”)
  9. Convert to Image (YouTube, 5’04”)
  10. Local fonts in Acrobat (YouTube, 5’22”)
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