10 things you should know about
fonts in PDF (but probably don’t)

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) hold a free webinar on PDF fonts.

As reliable as PDF files are, there are still things that can wrong with them from time to time. One of the leading causes of such problems usually is the subject of fonts. Watch this webinar to understand fonts better: because it’s always smart to know your enemy, we’ll dissect some fonts for you and talk about character codes, glyphs, encodings, Multiple Master fonts, city fonts and much more.

The following topics were discussed:


  1. Where do fonts live in PDF? (YouTube 5’07”)
  2. Glyphs (YouTube 4’03”)
  3. Encodings (YouTube 13’44”)
  4. Font Size and x-Height (YouTube 15’33”)
  5. Font types in PDF (YouTube 11’52”)
  6. Opentype SVG Fonts & Type 3 (YouTube 13’04”)
  7. Character Widths and their importance (YouTube 7’14”)
  8. Embedding and Subsetting (YouTube 5’07”)
  9. The Mystery of the Missing Glyphs (YouTube 4’13”)
  10. The Meaning of Text-ToUnicode (YouTube 8’47”)

Presented by:

  • Christian Blaise, agileStreams (Marketing Officer GWG)
  • David van Driessche, Four Pees/callas software (Executive Director GWG)
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