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Jaeggi1 Stephan Jaeggi, Engineer in Printing and Packaging (ESIG/COMEM), is the founder and owner of PrePress-Consulting in Binningen near Basel (Switzerland). He is involved in PDF already since 1991. He is a worldwide recognized expert in PDF and has gained experience in PDF technology in many projects. In countless seminars he has shared his knowledge with many thousand users in Europe, South Africa and North America. Stephan Jaeggi is co-author of the standard ISO 15930-3 (PDF/X-3), technical expert of ISO TC130/WG2/TF2 (PDF/X standards), technical officer of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), certification officer of PDFX-ready Switzerland. Since 1999 he is publishing the free newsletter PDF-AKTUELL (since 2015 also available in english).

After getting his bachelor in print and packaging engineering in 1981 Stephan Jaeggi was working for Graphische Betriebe Coop in Basel were he was responsible for the typesetting system of the largest weekly newspaper in Switzerland. From 1986 to 1991 he supported many printers and prepress providers in the transition to desktop publishing in his role as IT manager for the Swiss Printers Association (SVGU, now VISCOM) in Zürich. In 1992 Stephan Jaeggi founded his company “PrePress-Consulting Stephan Jaeggi” in Binningen near Basel (Switzerland).

Stephan Jaeggi has published many articles in multiple trade magazines in Switzerland and abroad. He is also invited frequently as a speaker to events and conferences. During 15 years Stephan Jaeggi was a part time professor for prepress technology at the Swiss Engineering School for Printing and Packaging (ESIG) in Lausanne. He was the founder and president of PostScript Interest Group Switzerland (PigS) with more than one thousand members. He also was a co-publisher of the encyclopedia “Do You Speak Computer English?” which was published as printed book as well as a digital publication.

Stephan Jaeggi is now specializing in PDF technology. Since 1991 he is already involved in PDF. In many seminars and presentations he could share his enthusiasm for PDF with thousands of attendees. In 1998 he was involved in the creation of the white paper PDF for Prepress which was the beginning of the use of PDF for high quality prepress data. For Heidelberg (printing machines) and Creo (now Kodak) Stephan has written four tutorials on PDF workflow in 1999. He is the co-author of the standard ISO 15930-3:2002 (PDF/X-3) and founding member of PDFX-ready Switzerland were he chairs the certification committee. In 2006 Stephan became technical officer of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), an international association of graphic arts user groups and vendors.

Stephan is also known as organizer of technical conferences. He was chairman of several Seybold conferences in the US and Europe as well as the PDF Forum and the PDF University at  the Xplor Document University in Miami. He was co-host of the legendary FOGRA conferences “Advances in Computer Publishing” in the nineties in Munich and the popular PDF Tours in Germany, Austia and Switzerland in 1999-2004. In addition, Stephan Jaeggi acted as a long time judge for the CIP4 International Print Production Innovations Awards (CIPPI) and the Acrobat Artist Award of Adobe Systems GmbH.

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