Acrobat 2018 Update
with bug fixes for print production

Adobe has released an unplaned update for Acrobat 2018 to version

Beside other bug fixes it also features fixes for two bugs in print production

  • Acrobat crashes while viewing PDF’s with Output Preview\Overprint Print enabled.
  • Acrobat crashes\hangs on converting the spot colors to CMYK.

Personally I am using both features on a regular basis but I did not had any problems with them recently. Conversion of spot colors to CMYK is even a topic in my PDF Color Management seminar. I also did not receive any complaints from my seminar attendees nor the readers of PDF-AKTUELL.

This update also fixes a problem with Enfocus PitStop Pro.

(BTW: the users with a perpetual license didn’t got an update…)

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