Acrobat DC April 2017 Update
with confusing version jump

Adobe has released a new update for Acrobat DC. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

It’s strange that the subscription variant now has a 17.x version number while the perpetual variant still has a 15.x version number. For sure this will increase the confusion about the different variants of Acrobat even more!

The new features in the subscription variant of this update are fairly moderate and IMHO do not justify such a version jump:

The last item is especially interesting for users in print production. The preflight plug-in in Acrobat DC (developed by Callas) has now (almost) the all of the preflight features of Callas pdfToolbox 9. In (the subscription variant of) Acrobat Pro DC it is now possible to define multiple preflight libraries for saving profiles, checks, fixups and multiple settings independant from each other. Unfortunately the possibility for a cross-library search just introduced in pdfToolboy 9.2 is missing. Hopefully this will be added shortly otherwise the Acrobat users have to suffer from the same seach problems as the users of pdfToolbox in the last year.

It’s a pitty that scripting of variables of pdfToolbox 9 is completely missing in Acrobat preflight. This would allow to create intelligent and user friendly preflight profiles…

Good news: the problem of wrong paper simulation in Output Preview introduced with the May 2016 update is now solved.

An update to version 11.0.20 for Acrobat XI has also been released. Beside the usual security updates and the fix of two problems with the Internet Explorer there is nothing new in this update.

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