Acrobat DC January 2017 Update
with long-awaited improvement

Adobe has released a planned update for Acrobat DC. As usual there are two different updaters:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

Most of the new features and improvements belong to the area of Acrobat forms. There are now dedicated fields for the entry of images and dates. One could get this partially already before using JavaScripts. But now it is certainly easier to define such fields. The definition of Radio buttons is also easier now.

For some time it seamed that the development of the traditional Acrobat form features has been stopped and Adobe favored the XML forms. This is a positive change of direction!

A long-awaited improvement is the possibility to retain the state of the Navigation panes (LHP = Left Hand Pane) used for Page Thumbnails, Bookmarks or Standards information (e.g. PDF/X). Until now one had to open this pane again each time a new PDF was opened. Now the visibility of the navigation pane can be defined with a right mouse click and the context menu Pin xxx.

The defined state even survives a restart of Acrobat. The Standards pane is only opened if the PDF corresponds to one of the standards.

This is an other step to reduce the number of necessary mouse clicks in daily production with Acrobat DC. I don’t understand why it took almost two years to make this improvement. Now Adobe should also add a feature to avoid resetting the active tools in the right hand pane (RHP) for each opened PDF…

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