Acrobat DC January 2016 Updates

In the course of the planned updates Adobe has released updates of Acrobat DC on January 12:

Beside the usually bug fixes there are also a few improvements in particular for the tab view which was introduced with the October update. When you try to close a windows with multiple open tabs you will know get a warning:

Multiple PDF in tabs can now be tiled using the menu Window > Tile > Horizontally/Vertically in multiple windows. However there is no automatic way to reverse this. One must move the tabs with the mouse from one window to the other.

If the last tag is closed on the Mac, the Home window is also closed (which is a feature request from many users).

Microsoft Office 2016 is now fully supported on the Mac.

For prepress users an old error (since Acrobat 9) has finally been fixed. For many years the preflight window could not be closed anymore after the execution of a preflight droplet. Now the behaviour is as expected!

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