An other update of Quite Imposing 4 Plus

In January already Quite Software has released the update to Quite Imposing 4.0f. It seams that not all problems related to the January update of Acrobat DC could be solved. That’s why Quite had to create the Update to Quite Imposing 4.0g.

Plugin-WerkzeugeBeside further improvements in solving the problem related to the Acrobat update when inserting pages, an other issue of non-english versions of Quite Imposing on the Mac was adressed where incorrect numbers may have shown in some dialogs. Also the wrong display of the list of documents shown by Shuffle Even/Odd in Acrobat DC with tabs was fixed.

In addition Quite is the first plugin developer who could solve an ugly problem. In Acrobat DC, the tool icons of third party plugins (e.g. from Enfocus, Callas, Quite) are displayed as yellow “Lego” bricks. The Quite developers seam to have found a solution to display their tool icon correctly (see screenshot on the right). Hopefully the developers of the other plugins will also find this solution…

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