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PDFX-ready Online Tools

In the last couple of weeks I have worked intensively on a new innovative service for PDFX-ready:


The new PDFX-ready Online Tools perform interesting preflight checks and conversions in the Cloud using a free Connector for Mac and Windows. With PDF Preflight the PDFs are checked with the well-known preflight profiles of PDFX-ready and a comprehensive report is created. With Color Preflight the original color spaces of CMYK images in a PDF can be determined. With the ISO<–>PSO Converter PDF files are converted from FOGRA39 (ISO Coated V2) to FOGRA51 (PSO Coated V3) and vice versa.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools are using a client server architecture. The clients, called PDFX-ready Connector, were developed with Enfocus Connect Send. The Cloud server is run by Impressed. The workflow manager Enfocus Switch is in control of processing the uploaded PDF files. He distributes the files according to the entries in the jobticket to Callas pdfToolbox Server for PDF Preflight and ISO<–>PSO Converter or ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger for Color Preflight. The results are transfered using the internet service TeamBeam Pro.

The release of PDFX-ready Online Tools is planned for October 2016.

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