Announcement of Quite Hot Imposing 4.0

Actino has announced that Quite Software will publish its new version 4.0 of Quite Hot Imposing for server based automated processing early May. The new version will support all new features of version 4.0 of the Acrobat Plug-in as well as improvemebt of the workflow features.

The upgrade provides many new features, here are some highlights for power users:

  • Stick on Text and Numbers now allows your choice of embedded fonts, colours and rotation, plus Undo.
  • New Stick On PDF Pages function to stick on PDF pages (graphics, adverts, stamps, marks etc.)
  • Insert pages or blanks at intervals, for example to add fixed backs. Can be used to merge files.
  • Manual imposition can repeat a layout to a large number of pages and can automatically position pages as fronts/backs.
  • Smart crop marks which will not overlap.
  • Adjust page sizes by a percentage rather than to a fixed size.
  • Set all pages the same size without knowing size in advance.
  • Trim & shift/creep now have the advanced option to keep bleed margins.

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