Barcode project of Fogra
and free check tool from Callas

In a research project, Fogra looked at the print quality of PDF barcodes with high-speed inkjet printing systems. For this purpose, a specially developed test form was output and analyzed on 50 different printing situations.

Callas Software has developed a barcode check function for this purpose, which is part of the free tools in the new Callas pdfToolbox 12:

The current pdfToolbox 12 release contains technology to recognize barcodes via pattern recognition and allows for creating overview reports for all barcodes in a PDF file with their properties like symbology (type), coordinates, height and width, module width and bar width reduction. Checks allow for finding out whether specified values, e.g. for bar width reduction are kept. It would even be possible to use information encoded in a barcode on a PDF page to adjust the process for the file.

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