Big differences
in Acrobat DC May Updates

In the course of the planned updates Adobe has released updates of Acrobat DC on May 10:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

This time there are big differences between the subscription and perpetual variants. Adobe has carried out their threat and made many of the new features only avaiable in the continuous variant.

In both variantes new connectors to Box and OneDrive (Microsoft) have been addes.

Only for subscribers are the improvements in the commenting features which can now also be used with a touch interface. In addition users of the continuous variant can now switch in Acrobat to a dark user interface similar to the Creative Cloud applications:

I personally don’t like this dark user interface. It’s way too dark. The tool icons are even harder to distinguish than in the lighter variant. I don’t understand why Adobe has not solved the problem in Acrobat like in InDesign. There the user can adjust the brightness in percent as desired!

UPDATE: There is already a patch for the May updates available which solves serveral problems!

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