Callas pdfChip 1.2
with easier template creation

pdfChip converts HTML into good, standards-compliant PDF documents. The pdfChip 1.2 update focuses on ease-of-use and implements improvements for barcode and SVG workflows.

For users of Adobe InDesign callas released the pdfChip template generation export filter for Adobe InDesign with the pdfChip 1.2 update. This export filter converts an InDesign document into a correct pdfChip template, correctly taking over the positions of all elements on the page, the color and styles of page elements and more. This allows to dramatically reduce the time required to build a correct pdfChip template.

Templares can now also be tested with Google Chrome. With pdfChip 1.2 comes a Chrome plug-in that emulates the pdfChip specific JavaScript objects and functions. This makes it possible to use the Chrome JavaScript debugger for your templates.

pdfChip contains a built-in barcode library that supports over 100 (119 to be precise) barcode types. Many of these barcodes have special features and parameters that could not be used in pdfChip. From pdfChip 1.2 on, these specific parameters can also be used in your templates, making the barcode functionality even more powerful.


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