Callas pdfToolbox 10.1
with free DeviceLink profiles

For some time now, there has been a DeviceLink add-on for the pdfToolbox that was available for a fee and contained about two dozen DeviceLink profiles.

Since PitStop 2017, Enfocus has supplied more than 40 DeviceLink profiles from X-Rite free of charge.

Callas has now catched up. Version 10.1 of pdfToolbox now includes 53 free DeviceLink profiles for color conversion between common printing standards and for ink saving. The DeviceLink add-on, which was subject to a charge, is no longer required.


In addition, the new version brings:

  • Support for current Photoshop formats during conversion (PSD, GIF to PDF).
  • New Switchboard action: Remove invisible objects.
  • New Switchboard action: Split or reorder.
  • New Switchboard actions for placing objects such as:
    Folding marks, text, page number, date, logo/image, watermark, mail stamp, letter background, add summary page, add divider page, move objects, add empty pages.
  • Split Device N or N Channel objects into different objects, each using a subset of colorants.
  • Rotate the page content by any angle.
  • Convert colors in specific page areas in a document.

Further innovations can be found in the Release Notes.

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