Callas pdfToolbox 10
with new technology

Callas Software has released pdfToolbox 10. The new version takes a significant new step in preflight technology by making it possible to detect more problems, while making detection more accurate. It also makes pdfToolbox ready for cloud deployment and introduces additional capabilities for process plans (for step-by-step conditional processing of PDF files), preflight reports and more.


pdfToolbox 10 introduces a new technology (called «Sifter») that has the capability to check the relationship between objects (called context-aware object detection). Examples of where this technology can be used are the detection of bleed, checking whether objects are inside or outside an irregular die-line, determining whether black set on knock-out will really be a problem. This allows avoiding false positives that are no problem in production. It’s also possible now to exclude invisible objects from preflight because they are masked or covered by other objects.

With the Sifter technology in pdfToolbox 10 Callas is catching up with Enfocus which offers similar features with the Geomapper technology in PitStop 2017. This is a quantum leap in preflight!

In addition, there are a lot of other new features which allow simplifications for creating profiles and process plans (test mode, linking, inverse result, language adaptations) or new possibilities (quick check, number of hits, Processing Steps, report with multiple page previews).

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