Callas pdfToolbox 11
with many workflow improvements

Callas has released pdfToolbox 11 this week. The new version is all about improvements to automated workflows and making PDF files production ready. The new version introduces significant additions for the sign and display market, the label and packaging market, transactional printing and more.


pdfToolbox 11 contains an entirely new workflow editor that allows visually building Process Plans using a familiar drag-and-drop interface. Version 11 also makes it possible to quickly switch steps in Process Plans on and off using variables.

The hot folder processing in pdfToolbox Server received a major upgrade with support for ‘sidecar’ files and processing job tickets.

The pdfToolbox user interface got a small refresh with a long-awaited toolbar to give instant access to often-used features.

In version 11, the window for entering values of variables at runtime can be fully customized, which opens the way for more user-friendly interactions using specialized widgets, input validation, and more.

pdfToolbox 11 introduces a new user interface to examine the DPart information present in the file.

pdfToolbox 11 provides improvements to the creation of bleed for rectangular PDF files, but most notably it adds support for the creation of bleed for die-cut jobs. Bleed is added by extending the pixels nearest to the cut contour.

Now the capability to export cutting information in CF2, DXF or SVG formats is added.

pdfToolbox 11 introduces its Spotify feature that allows converting the file from whatever set of colors it contains to a predefined number of spot colors or specific set of spot colors.

A PDF document can be split into multiple PDF files based on properties/content  of the pages in the file.

Additional information about the new features can be found in the Online Help and in the Release Notes

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