Callas pdfToolbox 8.1 update with libraries

The latest update of callas pdfToolbox 8 adds the possibility to store settings in multiple libraries. Each library can contain a different set of profiles, checks, fixups and all other supporting settings (such as HTML templates, color conversion settings etc…). Libraries can be imported and exported to be shared between users, and it’s easy to switch between libraries in pdfToolbox to quickly work on different projects.

These libraries are very interesting for people like me who create and manage profiles for multiple customers. That’s why I hope that this feature will also find it’s way into Acrobat DC…

pdfToolbox 8 introduced support for the creation of PDF/X-5n files, an ISO standard that is designed to support multi-channel color spaces in prepress data exchange. Now pdfToolbox can also do PDF/X-5n soft proofing.

Soft proofing of PDF/X-5n files enables color-accurate display of documents that use multi-channel ICC profiles. Multi-channel color is becoming increasingly important because more and more often printers use more than 4 colors on their digital presses. Another area where they are frequently used is packaging. The new soft proofing capabilities let users control color in different environments, which until now was only possible with highly specialized products.

In addition a syntax check for PDF/UA-1 is now possible. A semantic check is supported by the integration of pdfGoHTML (a free plugin for Adobe Acrobat).

This PDF/UA validation can be used in the trial version of pdfToolbox 8.1 free of charge for an unlimited time as described for pdfaPilot 6.

Users of pdfToolbox 8 can request the update for free.

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