Callas pdfToolbox 8.3 released

Callas Software has released pdfToolbox 8.3. This free update for users of pdfToolbos 8 contains numerous bug fixes and also some new features.

E.g. a problem is solved which bugged me the last couple of years in my seminars. Executing an Acrobat preflight after having used the pdfToolbox plug-in in Acrobat Pro resulted in an ugly error message. I always had to quit and restart Acrobat. This problem is now finally solved in version 8.3! The family controversy between Acrobat Preflight and his brother Callas pdfToolbox is settled. 😉

Like in Acrobat the expired digital signature which is used for sealing the PDF after embedding the preflight audit trail is renewed. The signature is now valid until 9.2.2020.

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the Release Notes.

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