Callas pdfToolbox 9.4 with PDF 2.0

Callas has released version 9.4 of pdfToolbox. The update supports the new ISO standard 32000-2 (PDF 2.0). In addition there is a new feature for comparing two profiles:

This comparison feature will certainly help me in the  development of upcoming versions the thirty PDFX-ready preflight profiles.


What’s new?

  • pdfToolbox 9.4 introduces a number of internal changes to prepare support for the PDF 2.0 standard. PDF2.0 was published as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in July 2017.
    However there are no profiles using the PDF 2.0 features included in the update. Such a profile can be downloaded from the Callas web site.
  • When working on different versions of preflight profiles, it’s often difficult to find out what exactly has changed. pdfToolbox 9.4 contains a “compare profiles” feature that can be used to easily highlight differences between profiles.
  • A new “Insert pages” fixup allows inserting new empty pages or duplicating existing pages. A new preflight condition allows identifying objects with specific dimensions (for example to give an error only for objects exceeding a certain width or height).
  • Preflight checks and fixups can now have a custom ID. This makes it much easier to refer to them in XML reports or when using Javascript in for example process plans.
  • The “Explore PDF” view has been improved to allow easier navigation through the internal code of a PDF document.

In the release notes one can find a detailed list of all new features and improvements.

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