Callas pdfToolbox 9
with Scripting for Variables

Annonced long before Drupa Callas pdfToolbox 9 is now available. These are the highlights of the new version:

  • Support for the CxF standard (spectal data) for defining spot colors in PDF
  • Zoom feature and Wireframe display in pdfToolbox Desktop viewer
  • Features for Large Format Printing
  • Use of Shapes for the creation of new objects
    (e.g. Varnish, Diecut line)
  • Improvements for preflight variables (incl. scripting)

A detailed list of all new features can be found in the Release Notes.

More information and examples are available in an english webinar recording (72’14”). 

I have waited long time for the scripting feature for variables. This allows extremly flexible preflight and fixing profiles. Hopefully Adobe recognizes this as well and will include this feature in an upcoming Acrobat version…!

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