Callas Software presents pdfDPartner,
the first free DPart metadata viewer

Callas Software today revealed callas pdfDPartner, an Adobe Acrobat plugin used to view DPart metadata in PDF documents. The viewer identifies all DPart information that relates to pages or page regions within a PDF, making it easier to set up automatic DPart-based processes. The plugin is available to download for free from callas software’s website.


«DPart metadata was originally specified for the PDF/VT standard, which is used for variable printing,» explained Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software. «It is now also defined as part of the PDF 2.0 standard. DPart metadata makes it possible to divide PDF files consisting of multiple parts into data sets, and then to process such files automatically. One typical example would be PDF files containing multiple invoices addressed to various recipients, with varying page counts.»

When developing DPart-compliant software and processes, it is essential to be able to analyze the metadata interactively. No viewer capable of performing this task previously existed, but callas software is convinced of the potential for page-based automated PDF processing, so it developed this Adobe Acrobat plugin which supports all PDF files containing DPart structures. The DPart metadata can even be exported to a JSON file for further analysis and workflow modeling.

Additional information about Callas pdfDPartner can be found in the Callas blog.

At the moment the plug-in is not (yet) interesting for end users, because there are only very few (special) applications that write DPart information to PDF files. But the plug-in is very helpful for developers of such software…

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