Acrobat DC:
The Creative’s New Best Friend

There is a new post called Acrobat DC: The Creative’s New Best Friend in the Adobe blog. It’s all about the new features in Acrobat DC 2019 which allow a digital collaboration workflow with colleagues and customers. This is supported by the new possibility to import PDF annotations into an InDesign document.

The post is based on an interesting (and entertaining) tutorial by Patti Sokol, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adobe, and Keith Gilbert, Gilbert Consulting, with the title Getting Sh*t Done (GSD) with Acrobat DC (70 minutes) at Adobe MAX 2018:

In this tutorial they demonstrate who everybody without Acrobat/Reader and without signing into Document Cloud can add annotations to a PDF by just using a web browser.

ISO publishes
PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1)

ISO has published the new standard ISO 19593-1:2018 (Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data — Part 1: Processing steps for packaging and labels).

Originally this specification was created by the  Ghent Workgroup (GWG) and then transferred to the ISO for standardization.

The PDF Processing Steps specify how parameters for subsequent processing steps (e.g. varnish, cutting, creasing, folding, braille) can be stored in a PDF in a standardized way. Today this information is usually defined as technical spot colors in a PDF. For lack of standardization everybody is using different names. This makes automatisation difficult.

With the help of this standardization automating the processing steps in packaging production can be improved substantially.

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PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1)

Interesting interview with
Adobe developer Richard Cohn

During PDF Days Europe 2018 an interview with Richard Cohn, one of the co authors of PDF 1.0, was made.

Richard Cohn has hold a keynote on 25 years of PDF at PDF Days Europe this year. I had the honor to make the introduction to this keynote at the conference in Berlin.

Acrobat 1.0 was released
25 years ago

On June 15th, 1993 Adobe Acrobat 1.0 was introduced in New York.

Beforehand the software code named Carousel was tested over year. I was one of the early beta testers.

Acrobat 1.0 consisted of three different products which were sold separately. The editing software Acrobat Exchange (including PDF Writer), Acrobat Distiller for converting PostScript to PDF and Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF documents:

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25 years ago