Callas pdfChip 2.0 supports PDF 2.0

Callas Software releases version 2.0 of its pdfChip software solution. pdfChip 2.0 adds a 64-bit version on Windows, optimized handling of referenced images while supporting more image types, support for PDF 2.0 including the new black point compensation entry.

Enfocus Connect 2018
with better integration into Switch

Enfocus released a major upgrade to its personal automation product line, Enfocus Connect 2018. With this release, designers, and print service providers get a collection of powerful, and customizable, PDF tools to help with the creation, preflight, and delivery of quality PDFs for print.

Enfocus Connect 2018 focuses on providing a cost effective toolset to help anyone involved in creating, quoting or producing PDFs for print. Connect 2018 offers a collection of pre-set personal workflow applications that can perform a variety tasks such as adding bleeds, checking image resolution (quality), scaling documents, and more. In addition, Connect 2018 has an all-new backbone which includes compatibility with Enfocus Pitstop Pro 2018, and 64 bit compatibility for the new MacOSX, and a new web engine improving web form compatibility for HTML job tickets.

Submitting to Switch automation just got a lot easier with Connect 2018. Now, Connect applications allow users to select which Switch flow to send to when a file is submitted. This eliminates the need for a different application for each workflow:

New Enfocus Switch Reporting Modul

Enfocus has released the Reporting Module for Switch 2018. The reporting module is available for Switch 2018 Update 1 as an optional module.

The Switch Reporting Module allows you to build custom dashboards to visualize your production. This provides you an in-depth view of your live production.

At each stage of the production workflow, job files can be monitored, in detail, via a fully customizable dashboard.

At any given moment, the company can quickly locate jobs and pinpoint bottlenecks.

Furthermore, the module also stores historical data for future reference, enabling continuous improvement and efficiency of the entire production.

Agfa announces version 11
of the Apogee workflow

The eleventh version of the PDF output workflow system from Agfa features improvements for job ganging as well as the new AutoImpose feature for automatic imposition of print jobs. Apogee WebApproval also got an update.

Apogee v11 includes the Adobe PDF Print Engine 5 to prepare printers for full compatibility with the new PDF 2.0 standard and to output designs correctly.

Version 11 from Apogee will be available from 22 October 2018 onward.