Print proofing in a digital age

On the occasion of the release of the Switch PDF Review Module version 2.0, Enfocus Product Manager Andrew Bailes-Collins has published an article entitled Print Proofing in the Digital Age.

In addition to a historical review (starting in the 1940s), it describes the advantages of digital soft proofing methods. However, he also addresses potential problems with PDF print proofing such as overprinting and transparency:

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Two free webinars about Switch
in Enfocus PitStop Server 2020

Enfocus PitStop Server 2020 includes now Enfocus Switch Core. This allows powerful workflows to be built.

To help the users understand what this means and what the (big) benefits are, Enfocus has offered a two-part webinar series to introduce the features and capabilities available with PitStop Server 2020:

What does a RIP do?

Ever wondered what a Raster Image Prozessor (RIP) does? What does RIPing a page mean?

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics (most important provider of RIP technology beside Adobe), explains the tasks of a RIP (Interpreting, Compositing, Rendering, Output) involved in outputting (PDF) pages using the Harlequin RIP as an example.