The first PDF specification
was published 25 years ago

Twentyfive years ago, on July 1st, 1993, Addison Wesley has published the first Portable Document Format Reference Manual:

Initially the specification was only available as a printed book which had to be purchased. Much later the spec was made available as a free PDF version!

John Warnock, one of the Adobe founders, had described the basics of PDF already in his «Camelot» white paper. Then the new data format was called Interchange PostScript (IPS) and was meant to facilitate the paperless office.

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was published 25 years ago

10 years ISO 32000

In July 2008 ISO has published their first PDF standard as ISO 32000-1:2008. The specification can also be downloaded for free from Adobe. The standard is based on the PDF specification 1.7 from Adobe published in November 2006.

Adobe had transferred the PDF specification to the ISO in 2007. One of reasons was the fight between Adobe and Microsoft about the future standards for electronic documents. Microsoft had proposed their XML based document formats used in Microsoft Office for ISO standards.

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New MAKO development kit
from Global Graphics

Global Graphics, the developer of the Harlequin RIP, has released the MAKO software development kit (SDK)  which gives developers access to prepress features for checking and converting PDF files.

In addition to preflight checks MAKO can be used for imposition, color conversion or adding content (e.g. bar codes).

Unlike other tools with similar features e.g. Callas pdfToolbox Server or Enfocus PitStop Server, MAKO is not a tool for end users but is intended for software developers who want to integrate prepress features into their software or workflows. A comprehensive APO documention is available. 

Agenda of PDF Days Europe 2018

PDF Association has published the agenda of PDF Days Europe 2018. The conference will take place again in Berlin on May 14th and 15th. On May 16th there will also be some additional Post Conference Workshops. The majority of the sessions will be in english.

For the first time there will be three tracks in parallel:

  • PDF for users
  • PDF for developers
  • PDF for marketers

Of course PDF 2.0 will be an important topic at this years conference. In addition two anniversaries will be celebrated:

As the first presenter of the conference, I have the honor to introduce the keynote of PDF developer Richard Cohn from Adobe. I will report my personal experience with PDF in the past 27 years since I was present at the first public presentation of the PDF concept by Adobe founder John Warnock at the Seybold conference in San Jose in 1991.

Reduced ticket fee

Readers of PDF-AKTUELL can get the reduced tickets for EUR 299,00 instead of 377,31 (net) by entering the promotion code  PDE18-Jubilee-Prepress on the bottom of the order page. Attention: Enter the number of tickets only after entering the promotion code!

Error in Adobe PDF Print Engine
caused by bad font data

Datalogics, distributor of Adobe software libraries for developers, has publisher a knowledge base article on a new error in version 3.0 of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) called NON-FATAL PDF Exception: Cannot extract the embedded font. This error message generated by the Adobe Common Renderer is caused by bad font data. The article describes settings which can prevent this error message (but adds the risk of wrong display of fonts).