Callas pdfChip 2.0 supports PDF 2.0

Callas Software releases version 2.0 of its pdfChip software solution. pdfChip 2.0 adds a 64-bit version on Windows, optimized handling of referenced images while supporting more image types, support for PDF 2.0 including the new black point compensation entry.

PDF 2.0 support

PDF Association has compiled a table with products which support PDF 2.0.

The table has categories for Creation, Consuming and Editing.

Only products from members of PDF Association are taken into account. Currently 10 products from 14 vendors are listed. For sure additional products will be added.

Application Note for
Black Point Compensation in PDF 2.0

PDF Association has published the first application note for PDF 2.0. The topic is black point compensation (BPC).

Black point compensation allows control of the color conversion of the darkest color in an image. With BPC activated the darkest color in the source color is mapped to the darkest color in the destination color. This results in a better tonal progression of the darker colors:

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Black Point Compensation in PDF 2.0

The first PDF specification
was published 25 years ago

Twentyfive years ago, on July 1st, 1993, Addison Wesley has published the first Portable Document Format Reference Manual:

Initially the specification was only available as a printed book which had to be purchased. Much later the spec was made available as a free PDF version!

John Warnock, one of the Adobe founders, had described the basics of PDF already in his «Camelot» white paper. Then the new data format was called Interchange PostScript (IPS) and was meant to facilitate the paperless office.

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was published 25 years ago