No Type1 fonts in Creative Cloud
applications starting January 2023!

Type1 font is the most widely used font format in the PostScript page description language. PostScript fonts were introduced in 1984. Only a maximum of 256 characters can be used in a font. The character code is not standardized. As a successor, Adobe (together with Microsoft) introduced the OpenType format in 1996. This has the advantage of a larger character set (> 65,000 characters) and a standardized character code (Unicode). In addition, OpenType fonts are platform-independent, unlike Type1 fonts.

Adobe has now announced that support for Type1 fonts in Creative Cloud applications will end in January 2023! (For Adobe PhotoShop, Type1 support will already stop in 2021).

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Alternative to Adobe DPS

After the shock of the new Adobe policy regarding their Digital Publishing Sololution (DPS) a lot of publishing users are forced to find an alternative to DPS when their current subscription ends since they most probably will not be able to afford the fees of the DPS successor AEM Mobile.

Beside Indesign based products like Twixl Publisher there are also PDF based solutions (which are independent from the layout application).

Recently I came across Aquafadas which allows to upload a PDF and to create apps for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon, ePub3, HTML5) including reading order, slideshows, audio, video, etc. On the web site of the german distributor CeeQoo some of the functions can be seen in two videos.

Does anybody already made some experiences with this solution?

Adobe DPS Converter for Acrobat Prerelease

Adobe recently started a prelease of the new Adobe DPS Converter for Acrobat. This plugin for Acrobat DC will allow the conversion of PDF documents to DPS articles. That means that any application which can export or print to PDF files can be used to create content for the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and then be integrated into an app for mobile devices. An invitation to the prerelease program for the DPS Converter for Acrobat plug-in can be requested by emailing For the test the access to a DPS account is necessary. In addition your current installation of Acrobat DC will be replaced by a custom package of Acrobat DC Desktop! At the moment the add-on is only available for Windows.