Acrobat DC:
The Creative’s New Best Friend

There is a new post called Acrobat DC: The Creative’s New Best Friend in the Adobe blog. It’s all about the new features in Acrobat DC 2019 which allow a digital collaboration workflow with colleagues and customers. This is supported by the new possibility to import PDF annotations into an InDesign document.

The post is based on an interesting (and entertaining) tutorial by Patti Sokol, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adobe, and Keith Gilbert, Gilbert Consulting, with the title Getting Sh*t Done (GSD) with Acrobat DC (70 minutes) at Adobe MAX 2018:

In this tutorial they demonstrate who everybody without Acrobat/Reader and without signing into Document Cloud can add annotations to a PDF by just using a web browser.

10 most popular posts
on PDF-AKTUELL in 2018

In 2017 68 posts in english and 73 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts in english:

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  2. InDesign 13.1: export pages as separate PDF documents (20.3.2018)
  3. InDesign CC 2019 can import annotations from PDF documents (16.10.2018)
  4. Free Webinar on  Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 (11.1.2018)
  5. A quantum leap in Preflight! (11.5.2018)
  6. October Update 2018 of Acrobat DC with better collaboration (3.10.2018)
  7. Script «Fix PitStop Menus» (10.5.2018)
  8. ISO publishes <br>PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1) (31.8.2018)
  9. 10 years PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7:2008) (8.3.2018)
  10. Our white paper has changed prepress 20 years ago (13.3.2018)

Caution with new SVG fonts
in Adobe InDesign CC2019

Encouraged by a post in the german PublishingBlog about the new SVG fonts in Adobe InDesign, I have executed some tests myself with the Adobe font Trajan Color in InDesign CC 2019 and have discovered some strange things in the exported PDF/X-4 file:

  • The OpenType font is converted to a Type3 font during export.
  • Different representation in Adobe Acrobat (left) and Apple Preview (right):

Read more…Caution with new SVG fonts
in Adobe InDesign CC2019

Callas pdfChip 2.0 supports PDF 2.0

Callas Software releases version 2.0 of its pdfChip software solution. pdfChip 2.0 adds a 64-bit version on Windows, optimized handling of referenced images while supporting more image types, support for PDF 2.0 including the new black point compensation entry.