New MadeToTag version
with a clever form field function

The latest version 1.7.080 of the InDesign plug-in MadeToTag from Axaio, known for the features for the definition and export of tagged PDF (PDF/UA), now also comes with a feature for better export of form field properties out of InDesign.

Since longtime the Adobe layout application offers the possibility to define form fields directly in the layout. During PDF export they are converted to PDF form fields. Unfortunately the possibilities for the definition of the form field properties in InDesign are very limited, compared to what can be done in Acrobat. That’s why a lot of users still prefer defining their form fields in Acrobat. Which has the disadvantage that one has to update the form fields after each change of the form layout.

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Document Cloud eSign Services
become Adobe Sign

Adobe hase rebranded their services around electronic signatures which were called Document Cloud eSign Services (formerly EchoSign) into Adobe Sign.

In the next couple of weeks new versions of the corresponding applications (Acrobat/Reader DC for MacOS and Windows, Reader Mobile, Adobe Sign for iOS and Android) as well as an update of the web service will be released. Adobe Sign will also be integrated in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Sign is available in three subscription plans. For qualified signatures (based on certificates) the Enterprise plan (serveral thousand Euros/$ per year) is required!