Acrobat DC October 2019 Update:
few new features,
but many improvements

Adobe released planned updates for Acrobat DC as well as for Acrobat 2017. As usual there are two separate installers:

The update can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

In the latest version there are many new features at first sight. However, most of these innovations are not new functions, but improvements of the user interface. There are some new commands, with which existing functions (e.g. compression, protection, sharing) can be accessed faster.

As known from other programs, PDF documents can now be marked with an asterisk as favorites:

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Enfocus warning for Acrobat DC users

As reported recently there is a new plug-ins folder in Acrobat DC on the Mac. Enfocus is still using the old plug-ins folder inside the application package. Enfocus published a warning because the plug-ins stored inside the application package could be removed during an upcoming Acrobat update. Enfocus recommends to manually move the PitStop plug-in files to the new location in Application Support. Users of CertifiedPDF also need to move a JavaScript.

Acrobat DC Plug-ins on the Mac must be 64bit

Acrobat DC on the Mac is a 64bit application. This is good for the performance. But this also requires that all third-party plug-ins (e.g. Enfocus PitStop, Callas pdfToolbox, Quite, etc.) are in 64bit. You cannot just move the existing plug-ins from an older Acrobat installation to Acrobat DC. You must get an update of all of your third-party plug-ins. For the most important plug-ins you can find additional information on a german info page from Impressed.

Windows users don’t have to worry about this for now since Adobe did not manage to move the Windows version to 64bit yet. This will happen later (and then you will have the plug-in problem also on Windows…).

Updates of Acrobat 9 only on FTP

Acrobat9-SplashscreenAdobe has removed the download links for the Acrobat 9 updates from their web pages. Possibly because Acrobat 9 is officially no longer supported.

But there are many users stilling working successfully with Acrobat 9.

Sometimes a new installation is required which means installing Acrobat 9.0.0 and all incremental updates. Unfortunately the menu Help > Check for Updates… does not always work proberly.

Fortunately one can still download the updates from the Adobe FTP server: