Additional date for PDF Master Class II Switzerland

The seminar PDF Master Class II on June 24, 2015 in Olten is already sold out. Because of the great interest an additional date on September 8, 2015 in Olten (Switzerland) is scheduled (seminar in swiss german). The seats are limited.

There is a waiting list for the 24.6.15, in case somebody must cancel their participation.

The dates for Germany and Austria can be found in the seminar schedule.

Start of new web site
and new newsletter in english

Dear PDF users As announced in the last issue of the german newsletter PDF-AKTUELL I have set up a new modern website with a blog. The URL is The website is in german and english. There is also a new newsletter which will serve to regularly send the most important articles of the blog to the subscribers. For the first time the newsletter will also be published in english.

I have already filled the blog since more than half a year with articles. The new web pages feature a comment function which will facilitate the dialog with the readers. In addition, there is a page with frequently asked questions (and the answers). I am looking forward to getting your feedback (positive and negative) as well as suggestions via the contact form. The implementation of the new website was delayed because I first wanted to finish my project at Novartis Pharma. I was responsible for the introduction of PDF/X-4 for all packaging materials on a global basis. This project was so successful that they don’t need my support anymore. Therefore, I have time again for my new website, new seminars and new projects! In case you are interested please contact me… 😉 Stephan Jaeggi

callas software releases new product: pdfChip

callas pdfChip (Conversion of HTML into PDF) is a CLI application which converts HTML using CSS and JavaScript into high quality standards-compliant PDF documents (PDF/X, PDF/A).

Callas has enhanced the standard HMTL language with missing features like definition of spot colors, ICCbased colors, page geometry boxes, output intent as well as barcodes. In addition there a special operators for pagination.

With these additional features it becomes possible to create high qualtity printing files using HTML. By using the ability to import PDF pages even imposition is possible.

pdfChip is a command line application without user interface. The product is mainly dedicated to developers and advanced users with good knowledge of HTML, CSS and PDF who want to create many high quality PDF documents in an automated way (e.g. by a Web2Print application).

Enfocus Font Fix

Enfocus has released PitStop Font Fix, a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, which checks PDFs for missing or corrupt fonts and can embed them on demand via the Monotype Baseline Platform (for a fee). This plug-in is available for free if the user posts a message about it on a social media account.