Preflight of Callas pdfToolbox 7 in Acrobat DC

Adobe has decided to update the preflight functionality in Acrobat Pro. As you might know the preflight plug-in is developed by Callas Software in Berlin. Callas is using these preflight features also in their pdfToolbox product and do enhance the features on a quarterly bases.

Adobe and Callas now agreed to implement all the preflight checks of pdfToolbox 7 into Acrobat DC Pro and to keep the preflight features of the two products in sync in the future in order to save development and support effort.

Acrobat users therefore can make use of features like preflight variables which allow the definition of dynamic preflight checks. An other new feature is a check of the x-height of text. This is especially important for food packaging since there is a new EU regulation which defines the minimum text sizes using the x-height.

Unfortunately not all of the preflight features of pdfToolbox 7 are implemented in the new Acrobat version. Users cannot benefit from process plans nor custom preflight reports.

New version numbering for Acrobat – part 1

The first Acrobat versions had the version numbers 1 to 9. Starting with version 10 Adobe had the brilliant idea to switch to roman numbers: Acrobat X and Acrobat XI. I was sure that this will not last long since at least with version XIV (=14) most users will not be able to follow any more.

But Adobe was faster than expected. Instead of Acrobat XII we now get Acrobat DC. Roman D means 500 and roman C stands for 100. Is the new version number of Acrobat therefore 600?

The answer will be published in a new blog post

Start of new web site
and new newsletter in english

Dear PDF users As announced in the last issue of the german newsletter PDF-AKTUELL I have set up a new modern website with a blog. The URL is The website is in german and english. There is also a new newsletter which will serve to regularly send the most important articles of the blog to the subscribers. For the first time the newsletter will also be published in english.

I have already filled the blog since more than half a year with articles. The new web pages feature a comment function which will facilitate the dialog with the readers. In addition, there is a page with frequently asked questions (and the answers). I am looking forward to getting your feedback (positive and negative) as well as suggestions via the contact form. The implementation of the new website was delayed because I first wanted to finish my project at Novartis Pharma. I was responsible for the introduction of PDF/X-4 for all packaging materials on a global basis. This project was so successful that they don’t need my support anymore. Therefore, I have time again for my new website, new seminars and new projects! In case you are interested please contact me… πŸ˜‰ Stephan Jaeggi