Problem of Enfocus PitStop Pro Mac
with latest Acrobat version solved

Recently, Enfocus had warned PitStop users on Mac about updating to the latest version of Acrobat Update September 2021, which Adobe recently released.

The Mac version of this update caused an issue for PitStop Pro: when one or more objects are selected in PitStop Pro, the selected objects and anchor points are not displayed. Enfocus has published a knowledgebase article about this.

In the meantime, Enfocus has been able to fix the problem. You have to install the latest version of PitStop Pro (2021.0.3). According to Enfocus, affected users will be automatically notified when the update is available via PitStop’s new update feature.

A reader of PDF-AKTUELL already reported this problem with PitStop in a german comment two days before the Enfocus warning and reported another problem with Callas pdfToolbox.

Windows users are not affected by this problem.

First presentation of the PDF concept
30 years ago

At the Seybold Conference, which took place Octobre 1-4, 1991 in San Jose (California), the Adobe founder John Warnock has presented the concept of PDF for the first time in public. I was fortunate to attend this memorable event in person.

The project had the internal code name Camelot. The new format was then called Interchange PostScript (IPS) and the electronic paper should facilitate the paperless office.

I remember very well when Warnock printed the title page of ComputerWeek on a Mac to a file which was copied on a floppy disk. The file was opened on Windows in an application called Carousel (the code name for Acrobat) and looked exactly the same as on the Mac thanks to the embedded fonts. At that time this was sensational since the exchange of completely designed pages between platforms seamed impossible.

Acrobat Update September 2021 with
support for the Apple M1 processor

Adobe released planned updates for Acrobat DC, Acrobat 2020 and Acrobat 2017.
There are again three separate installers:

The updates can also be installed using the Acrobat menu Help > Check for Updates….

According to Adobe there are the following new features this time mainly for the Macintosh version:

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Asura 21.1 with new
PDF/UA technology and proof forms

OneVision has equipped its prepress package Asura in the new version 21.1 with powerful new features when it comes to “automated print file preparation” and “PDF workflow”:

  • Time savings with automated proof forms and nesting reports

  • Verification on PDF/UA standard

  • Automatic bleed generation when elements are not positioned exactly

  • Grouping of print files when nesting

Preconfigured assembly lines and templates for automated generation of proof forms and nesting reports.

Automatic bleed generation when elements are not positioned exactly.