Acrobat DC:
The Creative’s New Best Friend

There is a new post called Acrobat DC: The Creative’s New Best Friend in the Adobe blog. It’s all about the new features in Acrobat DC 2019 which allow a digital collaboration workflow with colleagues and customers. This is supported by the new possibility to import PDF annotations into an InDesign document.

The post is based on an interesting (and entertaining) tutorial by Patti Sokol, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adobe, and Keith Gilbert, Gilbert Consulting, with the title Getting Sh*t Done (GSD) with Acrobat DC (70 minutes) at Adobe MAX 2018:

In this tutorial they demonstrate who everybody without Acrobat/Reader and without signing into Document Cloud can add annotations to a PDF by just using a web browser.

Solution for PDF/X export problem
in Adobe InDesign CC 2019

In some situations the export options for PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4 in InDesign CC2019 (and also older versions) are no longer active (gray) and the color profiles for output cannot be changed anymore. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to export PDF/X-4 files!

It seems the reason are problems with the synchronizing color settings using Adobe Bridge CC2019.

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in Adobe InDesign CC 2019

InDesign CC 2019 can import
annotations from PDF documents

The latest version InDesign CC 2019 can import annotations from PDF documents and apply text annotations (replace, insert, delete) directly. In this context it is interesting that the collaboration features have been improved in the latest Acrobat DC 2019 version. This makes revision workflows much easier.

More information is available in the help feature.

However, the PDF must originally be exported from InDesign CC 2019 since only this version is able to store the additional metadata in the PDF which enables the correct import of the annotations.

Free callas pdfGoHTML 2.0 released

Callas software published version 2.0 of callas pdfGoHTML. This free Adobe Acrobat plugin converts tagged PDF files into HTML format. A key feature of this new release is the total redesign of the way that tag structures are visualized. callas pdfGoHTML 2.0 is also significantly more robust when handling PDFs with unusual or very complex tag structures, and it now also fully supports PDF 2.0.

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GWG Transparency White Paper

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has published a new white paper entitled Transparency Best Practices.

The basic principles of transparency effects in graphic and layout applications are described. Designers get valuable practical tips on how to use and define transparent objects in order to avoid potential problems during output.

The white paper can be download for free from