10 most popular posts
on PDF-AKTUELL in 2019

In 2019 59 posts in english and 64 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts in english:

  1. Disastrous PDF/X-4 compatibility with new Affinity Publisher (11.7.2019)
  2. Acrobat compatibility with the new MacOS 10.15 Catalina (15.10.2019)
  3. Warning about OpenType SVG fonts in Adobe InDesign CC2019 (3.3.2019)
  4. Acrobat DC October 2019 Update: few new features, but many improvements (15.10.2019)
  5. Disable the new security warning in Acrobat and Distiller (12.4.2019)
  6. Acrobat May 2019 Update with PDF 2.0 and PDF Processing Steps (15.5.2019)
  7. More performance for Acrobat DC on Mac thanks to August 2019 update (13.8.2019)
  8. Warning for Output Intent of Affinity Publisher (2.9.2019)
  9. GWG: Landing Page and Preflight Profiles for Digital Printing (23.4.2019)
  10. CorelDraw 2019 with PDF/X-4 – or not! (28.3.2019)

10 most popular posts
on PDF-AKTUELL in 2018

In 2017 68 posts in english and 73 posts in german were published on PDF-AKTUELL. These were the 10 most popular posts in english:

  1. Solution for PDF/X export problem in Adobe InDesign CC 2019 (24.10.2018)
  2. InDesign 13.1: export pages as separate PDF documents (20.3.2018)
  3. InDesign CC 2019 can import annotations from PDF documents (16.10.2018)
  4. Free Webinar on  Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 (11.1.2018)
  5. A quantum leap in Preflight! (11.5.2018)
  6. October Update 2018 of Acrobat DC with better collaboration (3.10.2018)
  7. Script «Fix PitStop Menus» (10.5.2018)
  8. ISO publishes <br>PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1) (31.8.2018)
  9. 10 years PDF/X-4 (ISO 15930-7:2008) (8.3.2018)
  10. Our white paper has changed prepress 20 years ago (13.3.2018)

Privacy for PDF-AKTUELL

On May 26th the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU became effective. Since many visitors of PDF-AKTUELL and also a lot of the readers of the newsletter live in the EU, PDF-AKTUELL is also concerned by this new regulation.

That’s why I have created a Privacy Statement (german original) and also enhanced the Impressum (german original). All forms now contain a mandatory checkbox to accept storage of the data.

Since the start of this website we are using a double optin for the newsletter subscription. That means that after registration the subscribers gets an e-mail with a conformation link. This prevents that e-mail addresses are subscribed without explicit consent.

Since each subscriber has alread sent his consent I renounce to sending a conformation mail again to all subscribers. Most of you are probably receiving (too) many (mostly unnecessary) mails in this regard these days…

Subscribers of the newsletter can unsubscribe anytime. At the bottom of each newsletter there is also a link to the unsubscription form.