Caution with new SVG fonts
in Adobe InDesign CC2019

Encouraged by a post in the german PublishingBlog about the new SVG fonts in Adobe InDesign, I have executed some tests myself with the Adobe font Trajan Color in InDesign CC 2019 and have discovered some strange things in the exported PDF/X-4 file:

  • The OpenType font is converted to a Type3 font during export.
  • Different representation in Adobe Acrobat (left) and Apple Preview (right):


  • The exported PDFs are not PDF/X-4 compliant (“missing extended graphic state” and “missing shading” errors).
  • In Acrobat Pro an error message is displayed for each character of this font used in the PDF when opening (and sometimes also closing) the document.
  • There are different error messages for PDFs with crop marks (left) and PDFs without crop marks (right):

UPDATE: I have found the orgin of the error messages created by PDFs with the SVG font Trojan Color in Acrobat DC and XI. The message are created by the PitStop plugin. If I remove the Enfocus folder from the Plugins folder I don’t get any error messages any more. I will let Enfocus know…

UPDATE 2: In the meantime Enfocus has informed me that Adobe InDesign does not export the SVG fonts according to the PDF specification. That’s why PitStop is displaying these error messages.

UPDATE 3: In Enfocus PitStop 2019 these error messages do not appear any more!

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