CorelDraw 2019 with PDF/X-4 – or not!

More than 10 years after the introduction of PDF/X-4 finally CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 now adds support for PDF/X-4. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims.

I courageously installed the trial version and did some practice tests.

First I imported some PDF/X-4 files. CorelDraw tries to convert the PDF files (including text) into the Corel format. You can choose between Text and Curves. With the “Text” option, font substitution is often used and the text is completely torn. The conversion of the text into curves (vectors) is better, but is not exactly considered “state of the art”!

When importing the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0, only an error message appears:

I didn’t had much success with PDF/X-4 exports either. Here is a selection of error messages when opening PDF/X-4 files exported by Corel in Adobe Acrobat Pro:

So be careful with PDF/X-4 files from CorelDraw 2019!

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