Customization of the new user interface of Acrobat DC

As reported earlier, Acrobat DC has gotten a new user interface. It not only looks completely different but the tools are also group in a new way. Instead of 18 tool groups there are now 26. Some tools (e.g. Select Object) are hard to find. There is a new search for tools feature but Acrobat crashes as soon as I enter something in the search field on my Macs. However it’s working properly on Windows.

Fortunately there is a possibility to create your own tool groups. They can easily be shared with other users. I have created a tool group with the most important tools for prepress. These can be downloaded for free. Simply unzip the download and import with a double click (provided that Acrobat DC is installed on the computer).

In Acrobat DC there is even a (somehow hidden) possibility to create custom commands with predefined parameters for 26 features. E.g. this can be used for often used preflight fixes or for adding a water mark. Since this is a sort of action the corresponding features can be found in the Action Wizard. In a video the creation of custom commands is demonstrated. Unfortunately these custom commands can not be shared with other users!

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