Dalim PDFLight: PDF Optimization with Errors

Dalim has released the free application PDFLight for Macintosh and Windows which allows to optimize big PDF documents for e-mail transfer and Internet usage. The application is based on Dalim TWIST.

The image resolution is downsampled to 144 ppi. All colors (including black text) are converted to RGB. The Output Intent is set to sRGB. However an existing PDF/X entry is maintained which leads to a lot of error messages during PDF/X verification! In addition I am getting error messages regarding the embedded fonts (missing glyphs, references to .notdef glyphs). Transparency blend mode «Saturation» is also not converted correctly.

A big mistake is that PDFs which are converted for Internet usage are not linearized for fast web view.

It’s also enoying that one has to wait one minute between to conversions.

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