DeviceLink profiles for FOGRA 51 and 52 from ColorLogic

The ECI (European Color Initiative) released new printer profiles: PSO Coated V3 and PSO Uncoated FOGRA52. PSO Coated V3 is based on the characterization data FOGRA51 and is supposed to replace FOGRA39 (ISO Coated V2). ColorLogic offers in their DLS Basic Set, DeviceLink profiles to convert from FOGRA39 to FOGRA51 and vice versa and a TAC reduction profile for FOGRA51.

The following DeviceLink profiles are included in the Basic Set of the DLS-Managers V1.2. With the DLS-Manager application which will be automatically installed with the ZePrA 4.6 Installer you will be able to install the profiles:

  • PSOcoated_v3_to_ISOcoated_v2_DeviceLink.icc
  • ISOcoated_v2_to_PSOcoated_v3_DeviceLink.icc
  • PSOcoatedv3_TAC300_CoLoV6.icc

Both conversion DeviceLinks are the official profiles delivered from the ECI and have been created in collaboration with ColorLogic and CoPrA. Detailed information about the characteristic and the creation of the DeviceLinks can be found here.

Overall there are 12 conversion profiles available for FOGRA51 and FOGRA52, TAC reduction and SaveInk profiles for both new standards. The exact naming of the profiles and a description of what profiles are available and in which set can be found in the DLS documentation.

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